Is-This-A-Scam: Identify Internet Scams and Hoaxes

Kaly (Arslan Esengulov) 21-08-2009

Next time you receive a home business proposition or some lottery prize email and unsure if it is a legit offer or a scam check it on Is-This-A-Scam. It’s a Custom Search Engine built by Jason Morrison from Google Search Quality team. The engine runs a quick search across 100 major anti-scam and anti-fraud sites including forums and government agency websites.


To use the website, simply paste email contents into provided field and hit “Search”. Is-This-A-Scam will search for the email contents on anti-frad websites and present its findings.

internet scams and hoaxes


Check out Is-This-A-Scam @

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  1. Jonathan Cohen
    August 22, 2009 at 1:10 am

    Another great site which has been around forever is -- easy enough for my mother to use.