IssueMap: Easily Create a Map From Excel or CSV Data
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Creating a map of statistics with the data you have is not a very difficult task. However the job becomes increasingly complicated when the size of the data increases. Fortunately since the data is often stored as CSV or Excel files, you can use IssueMap to quickly create the maps.

create a map from excel

IssueMap is a simple to use web service that lets you create maps using Excel and CSV files. Alternatively you can type in the data. After providing the site with the file/data, you can choose the mapping column and customize how your map will look.

create a map from data

When your map is created it is published on a unique URL which you can share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, and through email. You can even obtain the embeddable code for the map or export the entire map to an image, CSV, or KML file.

IssueMap: Easily Create a Map From Excel or CSV Data data


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