IsleOfTune: Create A Musical Virtual Island & Share It With Your Friends

MOin 23-12-2010

If you enjoy creating musical beats then you may have already tried out Soundation and other great beat creation tools. But now the Internet has something even better to offer: a web tool that will create tunes and let you visualize them in a fun way. The tool is called Isle of Tune.



Isle of Tune is a free to use website that lets you create a small island with lampposts, houses, trees, plants, roads, and cars. You can assign each object a sound and whenever a car moves past the object your assigned sound will be played. If you put enough objects and a good choice of sounds, the result is a wonderful sounding beat that is made more fun by the cars’ motion. Your islands can be saved and shared with friends via a unique URL or by posting directly on Twitter or Facebook.

Before you start creating your own island, remember to check the sample islands in the site’s demo sector – you will find that people have been producing superbly fun results with Isle of Tune.


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