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deans 12-10-2009

“˜Is It Normal’ is a website that asks the question – how normal am I? We all have underlying insecurities and burning questions about ourselves that we wouldn’t dare ask another soul face to face. So instead of heading to forums, why not use a site that deals specifically with your one question.


how normal are you

It works by the user (i.e. you) asking the community a question. Then, people will read your question which is displayed on the homepage and in a series of categories. They will then vote as to whether it is normal with the real-time result being displayed at the top of the questions page.

People can also comment on a question that doesn’t have a straight forward yes/no answer to give advice or to convince you that there’s nothing wrong. The community is active and buzzing with witty remarks and sound advice.

Submitting a question is easy once you’re registered. Other than that, there is no need to register if you just want to see what’s normal/abnormal with other people and vote on questions. A great website to seek help and it’s addicting!


  • Vote on people’s questions.
  • Search and browse site.
  • Submit a question yourself.
  • Add and receive comments.
  • Vibrant community.

Check out IsItNormal @ (by Dean Sherwin)

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  1. carl denton
    December 10, 2009 at 2:51 am

    is it normal for a son to suck his fathers cock?