iRewardChart: Keep Track of Children Behavior & Reward Them
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If you intend to track your kids progress on tasks like household chores, school work or behavior in home, and you’ve got an iPhone or iPod touch then iRewardChart is the app you need to install. It is a nifty tool for keeping track of children behavior and rewarding them accordingly. For every completed task, kids get a star and based on the number of stars he got in the week, he is rewarded. You can decide rewards and disclose it to him in order to motivate him.

keeping track of children

keeping track of children

The free version of the tool allows you to add one kid, track 4 tasks per week and add unlimited rewards. You can track the stars, reward payout and add more rewards.

keeping track of children


  • Tasks management tool for children.
  • Assign tasks, give and track rewards.
  • Free version is called iRewardChart Lite and allows one kid and 4 tasks per week.
  • Premium version is for $4.99. Unlimited rewards in both versions.

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