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iPhoneTracker: Get Your iPhone Location Data Decoded & Mapped

Umar 26-04-2011

Your Apple device stores all the information about your whereabouts in the phone as well as the Mac computer you save your backups on. If a hacker gets access to this data, it can be decoded to reveal the places you have visited. This threat to your privacy is highlighted by an app called iPhone Tracker.


iphone location data

iPhone Tracker is a tool that decodes and maps location data saved by your Apple device. The developers of the app thought it necessary to show how easily this location data can be decoded. This location data is recorded whether or not your GPS has been turned on because the source is your carrier’s tower triangulation.

The app serves an important purpose of clearly showing how this location data can be a threat to one’s privacy. You should check out the app and see how accurately your own whereabouts are being recorded by your carrier and your Apple device.


  • A tool to track your iOS device’s whereabouts.
  • Decodes location data saved by your Apple device.
  • Displays location on a map.
  • Comes as a ZIP and a TAR file download.

Check out iPhone Tracker @ https://github.com/petewarden/iPhoneTracker


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