This iPhone Tweak Can Help Fix Your Broken Sleep Cycle
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Did you know that our smartphones, tablets, and monitors can damage your sleeping patterns? One popular app called F.lux fixes this problem by altering the screenlight of your devices, which helps preserve your circadian rhythm — but it’s only available on OS X and Windows.

Are there any good alternatives for iOS?

I prefer an app called Gamma Thingy, which doesn’t require jailbreak. It isn’t available in the app store, so you’ll have to run it in an emulator. (Here’s how to set one up.) To get Gammy Thingy working, just grab the files from GitHub and compile them in the emulator.


Gamma Thingy is similar to F.lux in nearly every way: it removes the blue light from your screen so that your brain isn’t tricked into thinking that it’s daylight. As day turns to night, Gamma Thingy gradually turns your screen warmer (AKA redder in color), and as night turns back to day, it cycles back to normal.

Are you a heavy device user who has trouble sleeping? You should try this! Have you tried F.lux or Gamma Thingy before? What did you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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