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iPhone Pixel App: Fix Stuck Pixels In iPhone

Israel Nicolas 26-12-2009

Stuck pixels can sometimes linger on your screen for a very long time unless they get fixed, and iPhones are not exempted from this problem. Fortunately, iPhone Pixel App helps you correct stuck pixels in your screen by using javascript to cycle colors at high frequency to stimulate the pixels.


fix stuck pixels iphone

To remove stuck pixels, navigate to the iPhone Pixel App website and go to the “Test For Stuck Pixels” section. Once you confirmed that you have stuck pixels, go to the “Repair iPhone LCD” section and let it run for a little while. It also helps if you apply light pressure on the glass near the affected area in your iPhone screen to help quicken the process.

Fixing stuck pixels could be futile since they rarely get fixed and you are probably better off having your iPhone replaced if under warranty. But if you can’t wait for a replacement, this is a great tool to try for your phone.

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Check out iPhone Pixel App @ www.ebaspace.com/iphone-app

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