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8 Incredible iOS App Store iPhone Apps Worth Their Price

Laura Cordero 16-10-2019

Most people don’t want to pay for apps and prefer to go the free route. After all, why pay for something you can get for free?


But there are some apps you should seriously consider paying for. We’ve surveyed the iPhone App Store and come up with the following list of paid iOS apps that are worth every penny.

1. Sky Guide

sky guide sky view

Wondering what that bright light in the sky is? Just ask Sky Guide.

Sky Guide is a phenomenal app for astronomers, curious stargazers, and people who just want to kick back and watch the night sky. Just point your iPhone at the sky, and you’ll start seeing loads of stars, planets, and constellations.

These correspond exactly to where you’re pointing at, thanks to the built-in compass. Now you’ll know if that light is Jupiter or star TYC 6812-00306-1. Yep, it’s that precise.


The app also houses mythology-inspired art for every constellation, so you can learn and memorize them in no time. And to make the experience even better, there’s soothing cosmic music in the background.

Rounding out the experience are lots of cool extra features, like the power to travel back in time with the stars and the ability to spot satellites. Sky Guide is your gateway to the heavens, all in the palm of your hand.

Download: Sky Guide ($2.99, in-app purchases available)

2. Forest

Do you have an addiction to constantly checking your phone? Does this keep you from staying productive?


If so, Forest wants to help you out. For a small fee, this cute and effective app will help you stick to what you’re supposed to do. It assists you in fostering good habits and breaking bad ones.

When you want to focus, all you need to do is set a timer. Once that timer is running, a plant will start to grow on-screen. As time progresses, the plant will slowly become a lush forest filled with critters.

But be wary: if you leave the app, all your progress will disappear, and your forest will be chopped down. That’s a lot of wildlife gone! The longer you stay on task, the greener and more beautiful your forest will turn out.

Download: Forest ($1.99, in-app purchases available)


3. Apple Music

apple music subscription options

Apple Music regularly receives new features to improve the service. Its time-synced live lyrics function is great for funny (or totally embarrassing) karaoke sessions. The app also looks stunning with iOS 13’s dark mode.

Even better, Apple Music boast way more songs than competitors, coming in at 45 million songs vs. Spotify’s 35 million. You can also import your own library of music through iTunes. Furthermore, Apple Music has native Siri support, seamless transitions between Apple devices, and much more.

In a nutshell, we think that Apple Music is the best music app worth paying for if you own an iPhone or iPad. Check out must-know Apple Music features to make the most of it.


Download: Apple Music ($9.99/month subscription required, free trial available)

4. WaterMinder

Water is so essential to life that there’s a dedicated app for it.

WaterMinder gives you a healthy intake goal to meet and reminds you to drink water on a regular basis. This is super useful, especially if you’re dehydrated, exercise a lot, or are looking to shed some pounds. All the water you drink gets added to your daily Water Log.

The process of logging your water is quite fluid. All you have to do is press a simple button, or you can tell Siri to log it for you.

Moreover, when you meet your water requirements, you can earn achievements. Not just in the app, but in real life, too. Just wait until you unlock your all-new glowing skin!

Download: WaterMinder ($4.99)

5. Alto’s Odyssey

Endless surfing awaits in Alto’s Odyssey, a game with no bounds. In this award-winning experience, you control Alto and surf down sandy destinations while performing aerial tricks to avoid obstacles.

As you cruise through the desert, the weather changes and the sun sets, resulting in stunning, picturesque backgrounds. But it’s not all about pretty graphics—mastering Alto’s Odyssey has a learning curve.

It’s really a one-of-a-kind experience, with beautiful music and relaxing landscapes to boot. And if you have a recent iPad Pro, the ProMotion display will make the experience even more immersive and relaxing. We recommend Alto’s Odyssey to anyone who enjoys games.

Download: Alto’s Odyssey ($4.99)

6. RoboKiller

The robocall and spam epidemic finally has a cure: it’s called RoboKiller. With a RoboKiller subscription, you can put an end to the endless spam calls you receive. You’ll be notified of any blocked spam calls as soon as they come in.

Through your carrier, RoboKiller analyzes calls and accurately decides if they’re garbage or not. What’s more, you can record a custom message (or use an already recorded one) to waste the caller’s time and get some sweet revenge.

Although Apple introduced a built-in method to stop spam callers in iOS 13, it’s not as smart as RoboKiller, since it blocks every caller that’s not in your contacts. Using it could result in you missing an important call from a doctor or similar entity.

Download: RoboKiller (Subscription required, free trial available)

7. Minecraft

For just a few dollars, this timeless game is a steal. If you’re somehow not in the loop when it comes to Minecraft, here’s a quick rundown of how it works.

Minecraft is like a virtual LEGO set, except it has an infinite amount of bricks. It’s an endless, blocky adventure in which you can create to your heart’s delight. Create cities, spaceships, castles—anything you can think of. But creation isn’t the only component of this sandbox safari.

In survival mode, you must avoid zombies and other macabre monsters in a vast, open world. And with online support, you can join up with your friends for awesome co-op escapades.

Minecraft is truly a gem (a diamond, if you will). It’s been going strong with a long lifespan full of constant quality and feature updates.

Download: Minecraft ($6.99, in-app purchases available)

8. Dark Sky Weather

Dark Sky Weather

What makes Dark Sky better than Apple’s vanilla Weather app? It all comes down to its uncanny ability to precisely predict the weather.

While the default Weather app tells you what the weather looks like for the day, Dark Sky gives you a forecast by the minute. It can tell you if it’s going to start raining in six minutes, or if the skies will stay clear for just a few hours.

It’s like having a fortune teller for the weather. And if that wasn’t enough, Dark Sky’s interface is beautiful and contains gorgeous satellite animations. In all, Dark Sky is much more informative and precise than any other weather app, and it’s definitely well worth the cost.

Download: Dark Sky Weather ($3.99)

A Small Price for Great Apps

These are a few highlights among the great iPhone apps and games worth spending your money on. We think that all of them offer great value for the price, and will serve you well for just a few dollars.

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