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3 Camera Apps You Should Uninstall on iPhone 11

Sarah Adedun 16-12-2019

Apple’s iPhone 11, 11 Pro, and 11 Pro Max have made headlines since their release in September 2019. A primary reason for this buzz is the significant innovations in the iPhone 11 camera.


With the iPhone now including more features in its camera, certain iPhone camera apps may now become obsolete. These apps relied on certain shortcomings of previous iPhone cameras to capture interest.

Let’s identify three iPhone camera apps that you probably won’t need anymore after purchasing the iPhone 11. And if you’re still using an older iPhone model, these apps can help you replicate what the iPhone 11 does.

Key Capabilities of the New iPhone 11 Camera

First, let’s summarize some of the iPhone 11 camera’s standout features.

Something you’re likely to notice immediately about the design of the iPhone 11 camera is its camera bump. The reason for this is to house the third lens in the iPhone 11 Pro and Pro Max. See our iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro comparison iPhone 11 vs. iPhone 11 Pro: Which One Is Right for You? Here are the key differentiating factors between Apple's iPhone 11 and iPhone 11 Pro to help you decide which one to get. Read More if you’re not familiar with the different devices yet.

Beyond the apparent design change, what do these lenses bring to your iPhone camera game?

  • Triple camera system: Easily switch lenses in-between zooms while maintaining exposure and consistent image quality.
  • Wider shots: The 120-degree 12MP ultra-wide lens makes it easier to increase the range of a shot.
  • “Slofies”: Apple’s new term for slow-motion video selfies. It’s possible to take selfies on the move thanks to the 12MP TrueDepth front-facing camera.
  • Dedicated night mode: This makes it easy to shoot in low-light conditions.
  • Close to accurate picture reproduction: The new camera makes it easier to capture images with faithful color representation and an impressive dynamic range.
  • Sensory intelligence: The iPhone 11 Pro camera can accurately judge lighting conditions and adjust exposures. This, in turn, boosts the shadows of images and reigns in highlights when needed.
  • QuickTake: Want to take a video while capturing an image? Just position your iPhone 11 camera, click to shoot an image, and keep holding for a video.

A final exciting feature of the iPhone 11 camera is the new Deep Fusion algorithm. This is Apple’s post-processing software meant to aid with enhancing the details of images shot on the iPhone 11 camera.

This automatically activates when you open the camera app. As you frame the subject of the shot, the iPhone takes both short and long-range exposure shots. Then, when you click the shutter, the algorithm combines the images taken to form a master image. The image created has lower noise and is highly detailed.

At the time of writing, this feature is expected to become available in late 2019.

3 Camera Apps the iPhone 11 Camera Replaces

Now that Apple has brought these revolutions to phone camera technology, what does that mean for specific apps? We’ve identified a few camera apps that will be affected. by the iPhone 11’s offering.



VSCO is one of the best camera apps in the App Store. Apart from its editing capabilities, the app also offers a powerful camera that’s user-friendly.

If you’ve used the app before, you know that the transition from image capture to edit on the platform is smooth. In camera mode, you have an array of icons at the bottom of the screen. These display the various controls you have over the images you take.

To unlock certain advanced features, you’ll have to upgrade to the pro level subscription. However, now that Apple will make your photos look better than ever out of the gate thanks to the Deep Fusion algorithm, VSCO might not be as necessary.

Apple’s upcoming functionality requires little to no intervention from you to determine the best setting for an image. For most people, this means paying for VSCO won’t be necessary.


Download: VSCO (Free, in-app purchases available)

2. ProCamera

For iPhone users vested in taking quality videos, the go-to camera app has been ProCamera. But with the iPhone 11 camera, ProCamera may have stiff competition.

This camera app offers you in-depth control over the videos you shoot with it. It offers features like the preset camera mode for HDR. Also, you can set the frame rate, focus, geotagging, stabilization, file format, and resolution of videos.

Meanwhile, the iPhone 11 camera has its triple camera system with HDR. This easily allows you to juggle lenses, which enhances the depth of coverage in the video. Plus, QuickTake lets you shoot a scene without having to go through the process of opening the camera app.


In low-light settings, the dedicated night mode feature removes the need for ProCamera. And as discussed, Deep Fusion will handle much of the post-processing work.

Download: ProCamera ($7.99, in-app purchases available)

3. Camera+ 2

One of the top options for fun iPhone photography apps is Camera+ 2. As soon as you launch it, you’ll notice that it’s relatively similar to the native camera app. However, unlike the native camera, you have more controls and buttons at your fingertips.

For example, with Camera+ 2, you get to set focus and exposure points. You also have access to depth capture and editing. It’s possible to adjust the amount of blur on an image and also set the focus distance. These perks offered in the Camera+ 2 are found in the iPhone 11 camera, with its broader shot capabilities as well as the sensory intelligence.

Another standout feature of the Camera+ 2 app (which previous iPhone cameras did not offer) is the different shooting modes. For those who love to engage in long-exposure photography, the lack of this on the iPhone would lead to use of Camera+ 2 app, You won’t need this now, if you have an iPhone 11.

With the new iPhone 11 camera, the QuickTake and “slofie” features are similar to the slow shutter mode of the Camera+ 2 app.

Download: Camera+ 2 ($3.99)

An Improved iPhone Photography Experience

It’s important to note that camera apps don’t exist to replace the core camera of your device. Instead, they supplement its inadequacies or enhance existing features of your phone’s camera. In the case of the iPhone 11 essentially coming with the standout characteristics of these apps already built-in, it will be fun to see how these camera app developers innovate.

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