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iPadPeek: See What Your Website Look Like On The iPad

abhijeet 08-04-2010

The iPad is already selling like hot cakes and chances are you’ve got hold of one too. If you have then you don’t need to read further. But if you are like me, a website owner who just wants to see what your website looks like on an iPad, and trying to figure out a way other than buying one, then iPad Peek is the answer. It’s a simple site that emulates the iPad interface and shows how the site will look on it.


You can switch between landscape and portrait modes by clicking on the top edge of the demo iPad interface.

see what your website looks like

The tool isn’t perfect though. Flash works on it and it shouldn’t. To get a near perfect experience, you’ve got to turn off the flash plugin in your browser and change its user agent string to that of Apple iPad.


  • Simple tool to see how a site would look in an iPad.
  • Both landscape and portrait mode available.
  • You would need to disable Flash manually.
  • Changing the browser user agent string is recommended if you want a near perfect experience.

Check out iPad Peek @ www.ipadpeek.com


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  1. Tintent
    April 9, 2010 at 12:39 pm

    Since starting to use a netbook on a daily basis, I have been constantly annoyed by very wide websites. This has caused me to reduce the width of my fixed width sites.

    I guess the iPad could now multiply this as everyone struggles to accommodate it. A shame in a way that standards can be imposed on so many by so few!!