iOS Apps on Sale for February 8: Fitness, Warhammer & Hack RUN

Tim Brookes 08-02-2014

Did you know that once you’ve “bought” a paid iOS app that’s currently free, it’s yours to keep forever? App sales are a great way to populate your device, and your bargains even show up in your App Store’s “Purchased” section afterwards.


This week’s offers include some seriously motivating fitness apps, the first Warhammer iOS release and the iPad release of a highly popular boardgame. Let’s begin.


Plane Finder HD [No Longer Available]

Here’s a cool app: Plane Finder HD provides live information about airplanes in the sky right now, using both an AR camera overlay and a map view. Find out information like origin, destination, altitude, speed and which airline the plane belongs to and set up custom alerts and use powerful filters to scan the skies. For enthusiasts, frequent travellers or simply those of you who look up at a plane and wonder where it’s going. This offer is iPad only, you can find the iPhone version here.

The Walk ($3.99, now $1.99)

Part fitness tracker, part augmented reality game; The Walk uses simple gamification techniques to get you up and moving. Developed in-part by the UK’s NHS and Department of Health, the app uses a thrilling narrative in order to keep you physically motivated. Moving in the real-world moves your character in-game, with the ultimate aim of walking the entire length of the UK.

Zombies, Run! ($3.99, now $1.99)

Just like The Walk, Zombies, Run! is technically a game but one that incorporates fitness, making it really just a cleverly designed fitness tracker app. This one’s for those of you who prefer a little terror mixed into your exercise routine. Outrun zombies in-game by exercising in the real world – a great way to get armchair horror fans off the sofa.


Star Thief ($2.99, now free)

Not technically a special offer but a paid game going free, Star Thief is now available to download and enjoy without paying or enduring in-app adverts. The aim of the game is simple: steal all of the stars by swiping or tapping them. With 50 levels, four unique worlds and an ever-increasing difficulty curve, don’t miss out on a fun freebie.


Warhammer Quest ($4.99, now $0.99)

Warhammer Quest is a tactical pocket RPG and the first game in the Warhammer series to arrive on iOS. Whether you’re a fan of the board game or simply love trawling dungeons, this is a hack and slash RPG with plenty to do. Level up your party and battle across varied locations, with over 40 hours of gameplay it’s a steal at only 99 cents!

Hack RUN / Hack RUN ZERO / ZERO HD ($1.99/$2.99, now free)

iOS Apps on Sale for February 8: Fitness, Warhammer & Hack RUN hackrun alice

Ever wanted to be a hacker, but either simply don’t know how or can’t be bothered with the prison sentence? Why not try Hack RUN or the prequel Hack RUN ZERO, free for a limited time. Take on the role of a computer hacker hired to probe the accounts of a mysterious corporation. Something’s going on, and using your command line it’s up to you to find out. Read our full review of Hack RUN Hack RUN: Pretend To Be A Hacker In This Text Adventure Game Ever wanted to be a hacker, taking down networks and exposing the nefarious activities of giant corporations but simply lack the skill, ambition or equipment? Hack RUN will probably appeal to you. Read More .

Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy [No Longer Available]

A boardgame initially released on dead trees, Eclipse: New Dawn for the Galaxy takes the franchise digital along with all the benefits that provides. Now you can play single player with up to five AI players, compete with friends in local offline multiplayer or play asynchronous online games Love Asynchronous Multiplayer But Hate Word Games? You'll Love These [iOS] It all really blew up with the popularity of Words With Friends, and since then a huge number of games have been released to take advantage of the "with friends" turn-based multiplayer system. Some have... Read More . As the name may suggest, this is an interstellar adventure that will have you exploring, expanding, exploiting and exterminating anyone who gets in your way.


That should keep you busy for another week, check back next Friday for even more Apps on Sale!

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