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iOS Apps on Sale for 29 Mar: Papa Sangre II & Carmageddon Are Free!

Tim Brookes 29-03-2014

Finding the best deals on apps in an endless sea of promotions can be just as hard as writing an interesting introduction to the same column each week. Fortunately, the deals are generally a lot more enticing than my intros.


This week we’ve got a healthy mix of familiar oldies and appealing newcomers, with the must-have musician’s tool Loopy HD enjoying 50% off and two of the App Store’s best time-wasters going completely free.


Loopy HD ($7.99, now $3.99)

Loopy is arguably one the apps that defines the iOS platform, having being initially released way back in October 2011. The app provides you with a six, nine or 12 track looping recorder, which you can use to build up layers of sounds with the microphone, other apps via AudioBus or files imported via iTunes File Sharing. It’s as simple as it gets, and perfect for live performers and hobbyist musicians alike.

Highs and Lows ($1.99, now free)

iOS Apps on Sale for 29 Mar: Papa Sangre II & Carmageddon Are Free! highslows

Highs and Lows is a unique journal app which allows you to record your day by recounting the positives and the negatives. It uses a simple and clean UI, with a bold colour scheme that fits the purpose perfectly, and even allows you to set reminders so that you remember to complete your daily entry. If anything, this is ideal for those of you too lazy to write a full journal entry who still want to keep track of the events in your life.

LVL CAM ($0.99, now free)

Here’s an interesting idea – how often have you ever taken a picture that looked straight, only to examine later and find out the horizon is painfully wonky? It’s not exactly difficult to edit the photo, but wouldn’t it be better to take a straight one in the first place? That’s exactly what LVL CAM does, using a variety of techniques including the impressive auto-shutter feature.


Touchfit: GSP ($6.99, now free)

If the name “Georges St-Pierre” doesn’t have you recoiling in fear, then you probably aren’t much of a mixed martial arts fan. Not a problem – nor me, but the Touchfit app featuring St-Pierre might still be of use. Discounted from a whipping $6.99, it features hundreds of video exercises, progress trackers and a sharp UI. It seems they’re going for a similar thing to Fitstar Forget The Gym, Get Fitstar Fit With Your iPad Or iPhone If you don't get enough exercise there's a good chance you'll be expiring long before the rest of us – and you don't want that, do you? Read More , albeit without the subscription-based plan.


Carmageddon ($0.99, now free)

Carmageddon is often on sale for one reason or another, not that it’s ever expensive at $0.99 full price. The only place to go from there is free, and that’s exactly what the drive ’em up is currently going for. Smash your opponents, splat pedestrians and wreak havok in this open-world, high-octane and brilliantly ported driving game. Check out our full Carmageddon review 9 Classic PC Games to Play on Your Android Device These are the best PC games on Android. Because nothing beats playing a classic PC game on your smartphone. Read More  for the full scoop.

Papa Sangre II [No Longer Available]

We’ve featured the original Papa Sangre in this column before, and now for a limited time the sequel is available absolutely free of charge. Let Hollywood’s Sean Bean take you on a blind journey in a game that relies heavily on audio. Part survival horror, part adventure game; you must use your wits and your ears to figure out how to escape the strange afterlife you have found yourself a part of.

Le Havre ($4.99, now $0.99)

iOS Apps on Sale for 29 Mar: Papa Sangre II & Carmageddon Are Free! Harbor Master


A game originally printed on dead trees and now available for your iPad, Le Havre sets you the challenge of becoming a captain of industry as you compete against others in a bid to create the largest shipping empire. Build ships and develop the harbour, take on single player modes against computer-controlled AI or real people – complete with local pass and play or asynchronous online multiplayer.

Reiner Knizia’s Tigris & Euphrates ($4.99, now $0.99)

iOS Apps on Sale for 29 Mar: Papa Sangre II & Carmageddon Are Free! screen480x480

From respected board game designer Reiner Knizia, Tigris and Euphrates is based on life in ancient Mesopotamia and the river system the app shares its name with. Players are tasked with developing four key spheres of civilization to succeed: settlements, temples, farms and markets. Another highly celebrated board game, Tigris and Euphrates comes with all the usual single player, local and asynchronous multiplayer options you’d expect.

That should keep you busy for another week, don’t forget to check back next weekend for even more bargains.


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