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iOS Apps on Sale for 22 Mar: Osmos & Republique Are Hard To Refuse

Tim Brookes 22-03-2014

Every now and again a game will be released that shifts many preconceptions about what a mobile game should be. This week we’re lucky enough to have two of them on sale, among a smattering of other cheap, cheerful and interesting apps.


As ever, these deals won’t last forever. If you’re in the US you’ll have significantly longer left to enjoy them than your New Zealand counterparts – so don’t delay. If it’s on sale and you like the look of it, strike while the price is right.


Analytiks [No Longer Available]

iOS Apps on Sale for 22 Mar: Osmos & Republique Are Hard To Refuse analytiks

If you’re a Google Analytics user who is always checking traffic data on the go, you could likely do with an app that presents the information in a clear and attractive format. Step in Analytiks, designed purely for iPhone it displays traffic from search engines, social networks, countries and the many other metrics provided by the search giant. You’ll need a Google Analytics account to use this, not just a Google account (both are free).

Slow Feeds ($2.99, now free)

iOS Apps on Sale for 22 Mar: Osmos & Republique Are Hard To Refuse slowreader

Slow Feeds is an RSS reader that syncs with BazQux, Feed Wrangler, FeedHQ, Feedly and NewsBlur, with one very specific twist. Slow Feeds, as the name may suggest, is designed to make your low-frequency RSS subscriptions stand out – you know, the ones that are usually lost in the torrent of incoming posts from sites like ours (sorry). It even ignores tags and folders, so you can subscribe to everything and not have to worry about missing a thing.



Osmos / Osmos for iPad ($2.99/$4.99, now $0.99) [No Longer Available]

Praised by many as being the best game available for the iPad, and winner of countless game of the year awards including Apple’s prestigious “iPad Game of the Year” – Osmos is a game you should definitely pick up at this bargain price, if you haven’t already. Survive 72 levels over 8 worlds in which you must absorb or be absorbed, propel yourself around the screen and warp time in order to out maneuver tricky opponents. A real must-have ambient experience.

Republique ($4.99, now $2.99)

Two years in the making, Republique is an engaging and rather topical stealth-action game about government surveillance in the Internet age. Unlike traditional console stealth or action games, this one has been carefully designed to make use of a set of one-touch controls that don’t hinder gameplay, but instead make pulling of impressive feats fairly painless. The series will take place over the course of five episodes, only the first of which is included here (you don’t get them all for this price).

A Dark Room ($0.99, now free)

iOS Apps on Sale for 22 Mar: Osmos & Republique Are Hard To Refuse screen568x568

At only $0.99, A Dark Room is pretty cheap even when it’s not being given away for free – particularly when you consider the depth on offer here. At the beginning of the game you wake up in a dark room, with a throbbing head and blurry vision. By the time you’ve lit the small nearby fire, the journey is already underway. Despite being an ASCII game, it’s fully playable using the iPhone’s VoiceOver accessibility tool, and it’s won some compelling awards and mentions to boot.


Lost Echo ($2.99, now $1.99)

I absolutely love point and click games on the iPad Point & Click Games Found A New Home On The iPad Few genres did more for the adventure game movement than point and click games, characterised by classics like Monkey Island. Read More . If ever a genre of game was destined for the touchscreen, it was the point and click adventure. Casual yet gripping at the same time, Lost Echo is another shining example of an adventure game that’s worth having on your tablet. You take on the role of Greg, whose girlfriend mysteriously vanishes in front of him and it’s up to you to spend the rest of the game finding out what’s going on, and why nobody else can remember her.

That should be enough cheap entertainment to keep your iPad topped up for another week, don’t forget to check back next weekend.

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