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iOS Apps on Sale for 19 Apr: Board & Card Games Galore!

Tim Brookes 19-04-2014

Like Christmas, Easter is a good excuse for developers to hold a sale – and what better way to spend your Easter break than playing games on your iPad? That might not seem as bad as it sounds when you consider most of this week’s best offers are for multiplayer board and card games.


This week we have a staff favourite in the form of resource management simulation Agricola and a unique indie endless runner for two players on the same device.


Agricola ($6.99, now $3.99)

iOS Apps on Sale for 19 Apr: Board & Card Games Galore! agricola

An award winning physical and digital board game, don’t just take my word for it – resident board game geek James Bruce has recommended it in round-ups in the past 5 iPad Family Board Games for Christmas Afternoon Move over TV - board games are starting to see a great revival as a family pastime, and they're perfect for Christmas. Read More  (and I know for a fact he has “Agricola evenings”). The aim of the game is to turn a modest smallholding into a fully functioning farm, by carefully managing resources and outwitting your opponents. The iOS version includes a “family rules” mode that does away with a few of the more complex aspects of the game.

Penny Arcade The Game: Gamers vs. Evil [No Longer Available]

Penny Arcade fans rejoice, if you love the webcomic and collectible card games (and there’s a good chance that if you like the one you’ll get on okay with the other), Gamers vs. Evil is the game for you. A fairly simple card game fully immersed in the comic’s unique humour, Penny Arcade The Game features online and offline play, local multiplayer and PVP carnage – all for one price.

Nightfall [No Longer Available]

Nightfall is a highly regarded vampire-themed collectable card game that forgoes the free to play route in favour of bringing you a pay-once play-anywhere app. That’s in stark contrast to free-to-play titles like Blizzard’s recent Hearthstone release. Featuring single player games against AI, local multiplayer and asynchronous online games, the only in-app purchase you will find here is for an official expansion – not gold, or premium currency of any sort!


Fluxx [No Longer Available]

Developed by ex-NASA aerospace engineers, Fluxx is a very different kind of card game with some very simple rules: draw one card, play one card. The catch is that the entire game is in a state of “Fluxx” and simply following the rules can cause the goalposts to move, and the aim of the game to change entirely. You might want to watch a bit of the video above to get a good idea of what it’s all about, but at $0.99 this is a steal.

Lub vs Dub [No Longer Available]

Lub vs Dub is a two-player game with a difference. It’s another infinite runner deep down, but one that allows two players to run at the same time on the same device. Sounds hectic? It is! Particularly with two controls – jump and flip, the latter of which switches you with your opponent. There’s also a whole single player mode in there too, so you can practice before defeating foes.


Gneo ($9.99, now $4.99) [No Longer Available]

Gneo is an app that takes organisation very seriously, which you could probably tell from the usually-$10 price tag. Rather than repackaging the usual to-do app way of doing things, Gneo is all about getting this done at the right time. Winner of the “Best of 2013” award in Smart Productivity, the app brings calendar events and to-do items together, allows for the grouping of tasks by notebook and even integrates with Evernote.

Futulele – Digital Ukulele ($4.99, now free)

As you can see from the video above, Futulele is a rather unique and interesting attempt at recreating the fun of playing ukulele on your iPad. Compatible with special hardware that utilises both iPhone and iPad, the app can be “played” as if it were a real instrument or using special on-screen buttons to change chords or notes. Entertain the kids without spending a penny!


That should be enough for this Easter weekend, don’t forget to check back for next week’s iOS Apps on Sale!

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