iOS 10.1 Adds Portrait Mode to the iPhone 7 Plus
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If you own an iPhone 7 Plus then you should download iOS 10.1 right now. Everybody else should also download iOS 10.1, but only iPhone 7 Plus owners will get the magic sauce set to make Android owners (and regular ol’ iPhone 7 owners) jealous.

iOS 10.1 isn’t a particularly exciting update. There are a load of bug fixes, some improvements in performance, and a couple of nice new features for Messages and Apple Maps. However, it also includes the much talked-about Portrait mode exclusive to the iPhone 7 Plus.

Portrait mode is the main attraction of the iPhone 7 Plus, as it makes use of the dual cameras the iPhone 7 Plus sports. Both lenses are used to shoot portraits featuring beautiful depth effects, with the main subject of the photo looking sharp, while everything in the background is intentionally blurred. Those in the know call this effect “bokeh”, and its introduction on the iPhone is a boon for smartphone photographers.

Apple insists Portrait mode is still in beta, which would explain the rather mixed reviews it’s getting online. However, when it works, it really works, giving photos a look and feel most people would be happy to achieve on a DSLR camera.

How to Download iOS 10.1 Right Now

You can get iOS 10.1 now by either connecting your device to iTunes, or going to Settings > General > Software Update and then tapping “Download and Install” or “Install Now”. Your device will reboot, et voila, you’ll have the latest version of iOS waiting to go.

iOS 10.1 is available on all recent iOS devices, including every iPhone from the iPhone 5 through to the iPhone 7 Plus., every iPad from the iPad mini 2 through to the iPad Air 2 and iPad Pro, plus the iPod touch 6th Generation.

As well as updating iOS, Apple has also released updated versions of its other operating systems. So Apple Watch owners should download and install watchOS 3.1, Apple TV owners should download and install tvOS 10.0.1, and Mac owners should download and install macOS Sierra 10.12.1.

Do you update your iDevices as soon as Apple drops a new version? If you own an iPhone 7 Plus, what do you think of Portrait mode? Do you now use your iPhone as your primary camera? Or do you still own a DSLR? Please let us know in the comments below!

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