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Kinshuk Sunil 17-01-2009

Remember days when GMail was in private beta, and to open an account you had to receive a beta invitation from other GMail users. Since then a lot of cool new web services including sites like BrightKite, FireEagle, Doostang, A.viary follow the same procedure. Ever wished if you could ask for an invite from other users who has already got an account with these services? If yes, check out InviteShare.


InviteShare is a community with over 120,000 users who share invites with each other. Currently you can request invites to 53 different private beta sites. To get an invite, you have to register first, then select a service and add your email to the list. Someone who has a spare beta invitation for that service will send you an invite.

beta invitation

get beta invites


  • Get beta invites.
  • Currently you can request invites to [NO LONGER WORKS] over 50 “private beta” web services.
  • Share invites with other community members.
  • Free

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