Invest A Minute A Day Into Making The World A Better Place

Tina Sieber 30-10-2013

Economic crises, social inequality, unemployment, species extinction, scarcity of resources, climate change, and overpopulation, to just name a few. The challenges humans are facing are nothing short of overwhelming. You as an individual must feel powerless. And you’re not alone!


The truth is, everyone is busy and struggles with the daily grind. Only few people have the mental or financial freedom to commit their lives to creating a brighter future. If you would like to contribute to a better world, you can do your part by supporting these people.

The Internet is our ally in stopping big corporations from exploiting the planet, its people, exposing lobbies, and supporting meaningful initiatives in becoming big movements. Find the projects you care about and invest moments of your time or a few dollars to help them gain momentum. Together we can change the world!

Vote On Petitions & Campaigns

Not everyone can be an activist, unless they have access to the Internet. On sites like 350.orgChange.orgAvaaz, or Campact, anyone can participate in petitions and campaigns Changing The World Is Easier Than You Think With These 3 Websites The definition of being an activist has changed over the years thanks to the Internet. It used to mean that you had to handwrite a petition and run around town getting signatures, or you had... Read More created by others or launch their own.

One of these sites,, has over 1.5 million members worldwide who are “fighting for people over profits.

Advertisement is a global movement of consumers, investors, and workers all around the world, standing together to hold corporations accountable for their actions and forge a new, sustainable and just path for our global economy. It’s not going to be fast or easy. But if enough of us come together, we can make a real difference.

If you are fed up with all the bad news, unite with fellow online activists and vote for change. The Internet can amplify your voices by bringing you together on the topics you care about. Public attention and pressure have forced politicians and corporations to change their paths many times. Let your voices be heard!


Did you know that when you solve two-word CAPTCHAs Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About CAPTCHAs But Were Afraid To Ask [Technology Explained] Love them or hate them - CAPTCHAs have become ubiquitous on the Internet. What on earth is a CAPTCHA anyway, and where did it come from? Responsible for eye-strain the world over, the humble CAPTCHA... Read More , aka reCAPTCHAs, you are actually helping Google with digitizing books, newspapers, and radio shows where computer-based optical character recognition (OCR) failed?

optical character recognition

The reCAPTCHA project uses the power of the human eye & mind to recognize words that a computer cannot read. If enough people agree on what an illegible word means, its digitizing was essentially crowdsourced.



The Internet offers many ways in which you can participate in a crowdsourced project 7 Crowdsourced Projects That You Can Take Part in Right Now Crowdsourcing has grown into a movement and its improving our lives in ways we do not realize. From medicine to search for extraterrestrial life forms, the scope is vast and exciting. The seven crowdsourcing projects... Read More . For example you could donate spare computing power Can We Contribute To Space Exploration? These 7 Online Tools Say We Can What about the man on the sidewalk? The high-schooler in the science class? The mother who once dreamt of suiting up for a space flight? Will there dreams remain so, or can they contribute to... Read More to a science project. And last but not least, you can participate in crowdfunding. RocketHub for example specializes on crowdfunding science projects and you can find many worthwhile projects on Kickstarter or IndieGoGo, such as the BizeeBox campaign, which aims to reduce waste by eliminating disposable take out containers.

Share Your Wealth

When you have a little extra money or time to spend, consider donating to charity or lending money to social entrepreneurs.

If you wish to give to charity 5 Web Services That Are Using Technology To Help With Charity & Social Change Technology continues to do its bit. From search engines that donate with every search to biggies with their outreach programs in the rural parts of the world. So, with this background let’s look at five... Read More , you can choose one of the many well-known organizations, some of which accept donations via text messages 6 Charities That You Can Just Text To Donate Back in early 2010, when Haiti was devastated by a massive earthquake, text-to-donate campaigns helped raise the amazing amount of $10 million pretty quickly. Though that campaign is no longer active (you can still mail... Read More , or you can pick exactly the type of project you feel deserves your support.


JustGiving is a UK-based website that hosts several thousand UK-registered charities and many grassroots projects from around the world. You can make a donation to a specific fundraiser, charity, or project. My colleague Angela covered 5 charity websites 5 Easy Ways to Be Charitable in the Year Ahead Read More , two of which will take your time and skills, rather than your money. One of them is FreeRice, a charitable vocabulary game available in English, French, Italian, Spanish, and Korean.


Those of you who would like to see their money put to work, consider Kiva, a microfinancing website that supports small businesses and entrepreneurs around the world. You can pick a specific project you would like to loan your money to. Once they pay you back, you can re-invest into another project. Over and over again.

It Only Takes A Minute To Change The World

The world has been changing since the moment it came to be. Transformation is an ongoing process and everything you do has an impact. If enough people come together to support an idea, changing the world in a defined direction is very little effort for each one of them. It starts with a concept and a change of mind, followed by directed action. What are the ideas you want to contribute to? Choose wisely.


Disclaimer: This article was inspired by the recent interview of Russell Brand by Jeremy Paxman | Image Credit:Hands Via Shutterstock

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