InterSquares: See If You Checked In At The Same Place & Time As Your Friends
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FourSquare is great to check in and let people know where you are, but sometimes you visit a crowded place, check in and get out without even realizing that one of your friends was right there at that time. InterSquares uses the FourSquare API to tell you if you and any of your friends were at the same place at the same time. The app works by comparing check ins of both the users and finding intersections.

To use InterSquares, authorize the app to access your FourSquare profile and then send the link to your FourSquare friends to see your intersections. The app is based on the premise of the TV show “How I Met Your Mother” and is created by Mihai Parparita. The intersections are displayed in a reverse chronological order along with the name of the place and specific time when you checked in.



  • Find common check-ins between you and other FourSquare users.
  • No download required.

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