30 More Internet Slang Words and Acronyms You Need to Know

Sandy Writtenhouse 13-06-2017

As much as technology, fashion, and people change, so does our lingo.


Slang words and terms you see online and acronyms you see in text messages or chat applications are no different. When “groovy” turned into “tubular” and evolved into “awesome,” you knew you would have to keep up over time.

We’ve already provided a great list of internet slang words and acronyms. But even in the short time since that list was posted, things have changed. To keep up with the evolution of how we communicate online and through other digital channels, here’s another list of 30 terms you should know.

1. CYA: Cover Your A** or See Ya

What It Means: With two different uses, you may see this acronym when someone tells you to watch out or tells you good-bye. For example, if a coworker tells you to “CYA,” then you better cover your butt to avoid getting into trouble.

However, if your mom types “CYA” when you are chatting on Skype, then you know she means “see ya” (hopefully).

cya defined web


2. DIKY: Do I Know You?

What It Means: If you ever get a text message from a number you do not recognize or one not in your contact list, “DIKY” is a quick way to ask if you know the person.

3. Extra: Over the Top

What It Means: When someone is trying too hard and simply over the top, you might refer to them as “extra.” From

“…anyone from a teacher who gives too much homework to that loud, drunk birthday girl stumbling around in a plastic tiara can be described as extra.”

4. IDK / IDKE: I Don’t Know / I Don’t Know Either

What It Means: This one is pretty simple. It can refer to anything that you would respond to with “I don’t know” or “I don’t know either.” From chatting with coworkers to fellow students to your friends, this acronym is an easy way to respond quickly.

5. IGHT: Short for Alright

What It Means: Where in formal writing “all right” is normally used, “alright” is a more casual way to respond affirmatively. If your friend asks if you want to watch a movie or tells you that they will be right back, you might use this response.

Ryan: Hey man, you wanna skate?

Joe: IGHT, be right there.

6. ILY: I Love You

What It Means: Whether you are texting These 3 Text Messaging Stats Will Surely Surprise You Close to 99 percent of all smartphone owners send or receive at least one text message every day -- and this isn't even the most shocking statistic we have for you. Read More with your spouse, partner, family member, or new love, this acronym is a short and sweet way to say, “I love you.”

7. HBU: How About You?

What It Means: This acronym is self-explanatory and can be used in any situation. If your friend asks, “Do you like” you can reply with, “Absolutely, HBU?”

8. LMAO: Laughing My A** Off

What It Means: When something is so hilarious, this acronym comes in to let your recipient know that. It is more intense than “LOL” (Laugh Out Loud) but not as powerful as “LMFAO” (Laughing My F***ing A** Off). You can also use it as a sarcastic response where the amusement is exaggerated.

lmao quote bubble
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9. LMK: Let Me Know

What It Means: This is another simple acronym that you may just not know the meaning of at first glance. You would use it just like the phrase it stands for, for instance, “LMK if you can go.” Or use it as a quick response when someone says they will get back to you on a question.

10. Noob: Short for Newbie

What It Means: A newbie is defined by Merriam-Webster as a beginner or novice. And the term “noob” is simply short, slang word for newbie, defined by

noob defined

11. NVM: Nevermind

What It Means: An acronym for the term “nevermind” and you can use it in a variety of instances. Maybe you are trying to explain something to a friend who is not grasping it and you just want to dismiss the situation. Basically, just use it as a way to say, “leave it alone.”


12. OFC: Of Course

What It Means: “Of course” is probably one of the most common phrases used in any environment. In the office, at home, and in normal conversation, you may use it more than you think. So, you can save a few keystrokes with this acronym for it.

13. PNL: Peace and Love

What It Means: Maybe you are wrapping up a chat with someone and end it with “PNL” to symbolize peace and love.

14. ROFL: Rolling on the Floor Laughing

What It Means: Very similar to “LMAO,” this acronym has you, yes, rolling on the floor in laughter instead of laughing your a** off. Some may believe “ROFL” comes before the point of “LMAO,” but often times it comes down to basic preference as you will see them used interchangeably.

rofl cat
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15. Selfie: Photo You Take of Yourself

What It Means: This slang word has become so popular that you likely already know what it means. But for those who do not: it is a noun to define a picture that you take of yourself. Almost always captured with a mobile device, you can also take a selfie of you and another person. Dictionaries now officially recognize it as a word.

Here is one of the most shared and loved selfies. Ellen DeGeneres hosted the 2014 Academy Awards and Bradley Cooper snapped this celebrity-filled selfie.

16. Ship: Short for Relationship

What It Means: When you want two people to be in a relationship, just “ship” them. This is an indication that you believe the two people should be together and used as a verb. From

“Ship is one of the most important terms on the internet. It comes from the word relationship. You ‘ship’ the two people you want to be in a relationship. So, if I think Olivia Pope and Fitz Grant should be together, I ship Olivia and Fitz.”

17. Sis: Female Version of Bro

What It Means: You may have heard guys calling each other “bro,” which is short for “brother.” Well, ladies get their own version with “sis,” which as you have probably guessed, is short for “sister.”

18. Snatched: Anything That Looks Great

What It Means: Unlike the official word which usually refers to something being taken or stolen, “snatched” in internet lingo means anything that looks good. Your outfit can be snatched, your body can be snatched, and even your manicure can be snatched. According to PopSugar:

“Snatched is the new fleek. It’s used to describe anything that looks really good or on point. Anything from your eyebrows to your outfit can be snatched. If your eyebrows are slaying, they’re snatched. If your outfit is slaying, it’s snatched.”

19. SNMP: So Not My Problem

What It Means: When you want to emphasize that something is not your problem, just add the word “so,” as in “that is so not my problem.” Then, save typing time with this acronym.

20. Stan: Hardcore Fan

What It Means: Taken from an Eminem song, according to Urban Dictionary, a stan is an extreme fan of a famous person.

“Based on the central character in the Eminem song of the same name, a ‘stan’ is an overzealous maniacal fan for any celebrity or athlete.”

21. STFU: Shut the F*** Up

What It Means: When the term “shut up” just is not enough, “shut the f*** up” usually suffices. Whether you are being serious or responding in disbelief, this acronym gets the job done. If your pal sends you a text that they just won the lottery, you might respond with “STFU” instead of “no way” or “you did not.”

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22. Sus: Short for Suspect

What It Means: If you want to say that someone or something is shady, you can use “sus.” Basically you are saying that it is “suspect.” If you get a fishy (or phishy) email asking for your bank account credentials, that is definitely “sus.”

23. TAY: Thinking About You

What It Means: This acronym is an easy way for you to tell somebody that you are thinking about them. Maybe it’s a faraway loved one, friend going through a rough time, or the love of your life who is at work, you can show you care with “TAY.”

24. TBH: To Be Honest

What It Means: Another handy acronym to keep in your pocket is “TBH,” which means “to be honest.” What Does TBH Mean? It's Not What You Might Think... What does TBH mean? Even if you know its original meaning, that no longer tells the full story of TBH... Read More Sort of like “OFC” for “of course,” this is one of those common phrases used in every day dialect.

Tina: What are you going to do about Rick?

Sandy: TBH, I have no idea.

25. TTP: To the Point

What It Means: Shorten your digital communication by getting to the point. Start your sentence with “TTP” and move the conversation along.

26. QAP: Quick as Possible

What It Means: Whether you are heading to your friend’s house, waiting for them to pick you up, or just need something fast, “QAP” is the acronym you want to say “quick as possible.”

27. Wheeling: Picking Up Women / Before Dating Phase

What It Means: If you ask your buddy what he is up to and he responds that he is “wheeling,” then you know he is out picking up women.

But if your best friend tells you that two people are “wheeling,” that likely means that they are in the phase before official dating begins. Urban Dictionary covers them both:

“The act of persuing a female specimen.

When two people are together before they date. The fine line between flirting and dating.”

28. YGTI: You Get the Idea

What It Means: One last acronym to shorten a common phrase, “YGTI” stands for “you get the idea.” Use it when you are describing an event, movie, or situation when your recipient likely knows what you are getting at.

29. 45: Referring to Donald Trump

What It Means: While “45” might also be used when talking about a Colt 45 weapon, it now has an additional meaning. According to Urban Dictionary and other sources, it stems from an episode of The Daily Show with Trevor Noah with Laurence Fishburne as a guest. President Trump was referred to as simply “45.” From

45 defined web

30. *$: Starbucks

What It Means: The asterisk and dollar sign combination is a shortcut for the word “Starbucks.” If your friend sends you a text message Is Text Messaging Hurting Our Grammar? We all tend 2 write a lil diff when we r writing txt messages with friends. FYI, this shorthand might be hurting your grammar! Read More with “*$?” and you are in the mood for coffee, say yes and head to the nearest Starbucks.

Do You Need to Look Them Up?

Some slang words and acronyms are obvious while others are head-scratchers. And even though this is another big list, there are thousands out there with new ones popping up all the time and occasionally breaking the internet.

For more trendy terms, see our explanation of SMH What Does SMH Mean and How Can You Use It? Here's what you need to know about what the acronym SMH means and when to use it. This explainer won't leave you shaking your head. Read More and what HMU means What Does HMU Mean and Where Can You Use It? What does HMU mean? In this article we'll show you how, where, and when to use the acronym HMU. Read More .

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