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5 Internet Skills You Need for Any Creative Home Business

Saikat Basu 24-10-2016

The idea of garage startups is famous because of companies like HP, Apple, and Google. Relatively less known are brands like Mattel and Whole Foods Market that started with next to nothing too.


So, consider how fortunate we are. The modern workplace is wherever you can find an internet connection. The next business is whenever a new idea strikes you. So, just bring your courage. If you have a creative home business idea 8 Creative Home-Based Business Ideas That Anyone Can Pursue Tired of working for someone else? It has never been easier to work for yourself, right from the comfort of your own home, all with minimal cost and minimal risk. Here are some ideas. Read More , you can be more like eBay or Amazon and kickstart your enterprise with a vanilla website. And then learn some digital skills that will help you accelerate the idea.

Today, in our weekly series of popular Udemy courses we take a look at some of these digital business skills which can be online home businesses in their own right. Here are five skills you should start learning today.

1. Building Custom WordPress Sites From Scratch

Build Custom WordPress Sites

Discover: How to build your own custom WordPress site.

Any business needs a digital presence today. With half a billion pages viewed per month, WordPress is the most popular platform for starting your first website or blog.


The 9-hour course from InfiniteSkills will teach you everything from design and hosting to every day site maintenance. It is advertised as a course for all skill levels, but some knowledge of Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop could be useful for the designing process and HTML, CSS, and PHP for the coding that follows. The 114 lessons take you through it all step-by-step with the help of downloadable files.

The first few lessons and the section on “Building A Custom WordPress Theme” is a useful primer for getting into the side-hustle of designing WordPress themes for online clients.

The course is practical and comprehensive. If you are thinking of working with WordPress 6 Steps to Become a WordPress Professional Want to make a living from Wordpress? There are many ways to go about it: designing themes, coding plugins - but it's especially hard to distinguish yourself and find potential clients. Read More , then this course is for you.

2. Ultimate Google AdWords Course 2016: Stop SEO & Win With PPC!

Google AdWords Course


Discover: The secrets of successful online advertising.

As a solo entrepreneur, you have to become a self-taught digital marketing expert. Pay per click advertising is not only about traffic but also about competitive strategy in a crowded landscape

If you have your own website or Facebook page, then you are on good footing. The 16 hours spent on this course will take you through the ins and outs of running a revenue based online business. Running a successful Google AdWords campaign is one of the pillars of bringing high quality traffic to your website. SEO is the second pillar of digital marketing. While AdWords will help you create marketing campaigns, SEO is the magnet for organic traffic. The course teaches you both.

Udemy says that the Google AdWords Course by Isaac Rudansky has the highest student satisfaction rating in Udemy’s marketing and advertising section.


3. How to Sell On Amazon: Learn From an Expert

How to Sell On Amazon

Discover: How to create a successful Amazon business.

Wouldn’t it be great to have the logistics and customer support of Amazon for your fledgling home business? The acronym FBA stands for Fulfillment by Amazon. Amazon stores and ships your product, thus helping you reach a worldwide market from your home. But there’s a process to co-opt Amazon into your business model and this is the course for it. You can find the hot niches to exploit with your own home-made product or re-sell an import. The ultimate goal is to build your own brand on Amazon Here's Why You Need To Be Selling Your Handmade Crafts On Amazon The launch of Amazon Handmade provides a huge opportunity to the users and makers of Etsy. Here's the reasons why. Read More .

Remember, Amazon is a magnificent beast. The 4 hours spent here might just make it simpler.


4. Start & Run a Local Viral Email Marketing Service From Home

Viral Email Marketing

Discover: How to persuade your clients to subscribe, download, or buy your product with email.

How do you go beyond a simple list of contacts? The answer: create emails that this first batch will forward and share.

Email is old-fashioned. But it is still one of the most potent marketing tools you have for your home business. After all, online marketing started with emails. Viral email marketing can boost your business without adding anything to your bottomline. A viral email marketing service is a legitimate home business in its own right.

Chris Towland will teach you how to run a viral email campaign and take other local businesses as clients. But the lessons taught here can be easily applied to your own home business as you strive to reach more customers. For instance, an information packed newsletter How to Read a Little and Learn a Lot From Your Email Inbox There are many excellent newsletters to choose from. But which are the ones that will make a difference to your inbox? Try your learning habit on these 20 picks we have compiled for you. Read More will drive people to your own website and products. To bolster it further, combine it with social media marketing What Is Social Media Marketing Like? Learn With 5 Top Udemy Courses Social media can boost your career in so many ways. Take your business idea or startup further by learning all about social media marketing with the help of top courses from Udemy. Read More .

Also take a look at The Complete List Building Course: All Levels.

5. Branding You™: How to Build Your Multimedia Internet Empire

Multimedia Internet Empire

Discover: How to build a knowledge product across Kindle, Podcast, Udemy, email, and more.

A knowledge product like an online course, an ebook, or a podcast is the perfect fit for a creative home business. But how can you sell it?

Creating a passive income stream is the holy grail for any online entrepreneur. This 4-hour course is all about building your own little empire by taking a knowledge product can boosting its impact by making it available on different media platforms. The idea is to link all the online platforms and project a close-knit rand identity. The course labels it as a “brand ecosystem”.

The process is explained step-by-step but be warned that there is no quick fix. It takes effort and time to put all the pieces together with integrity. Jonathan Levi is a well-known serial entrepreneur himself. So, you are in good hands with this excellent course.

Do You Have a Home Business (or Just an Idea)?

A home business can be a side hustle or a self-employment ambition Self-Employment Works: 6 Tips To Set Up Your First Online Business From Home With the explosion of digital technology and fast Internet speeds, more and more people are looking for a way out of the drudge of the commute and the threat of short-term contracts to work from... Read More . Even if you have a career, an online home business could inject a bit of passion into your workday. As successful home businesses prove, the money is not bad either.

So, what’s holding you back? Start your learning today. Try any one of these five courses. Remember, every paid course on Udemy comes with:

  • Lifetime access.
  • 30-day money-back guarantee.
  • Certificate of completion.

Do you use any of these digital skills and tools for your home business? Have you tried an online business and failed? Pour your experience in the comments.

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