Intelligent Ringer for Android: Control YAndroid Ringtone Volume Based On Surroundings

Tim Brookes 29-03-2013

It’s happened to everyone with a mobile phone since mobile phones emerged – missing an important call because your phone was in your pocket, bag or desk drawer because the ringer volume was too low. If only there was a way to intelligently control your ringtone volume so that it automatically adjusted based on your surroundings. Good news – Intelligent Ringer for Android is one such free app that does just that.


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By detecting your surroundings, the app automatically adjusts the ringer volume so that you’ve got a better chance of hearing it in loud situations. By taking the ambient volume of the room and a reading from the proximity sensor to detect whether the phone is in your pocket or not, the app can then use this data to adjust your device’s ringer How to Install and Customize Ringtones on Android Phones Tired of your phone's ringtone? Here's a complete guide to finding, editing, and setting a new ringtone on Android. Read More volume. When you enable vibrate or silent How To Automatically Silence & Restore Your Phone To Ringer Mode [Android] School is about to start for many of us, which means lots of repetitive taps to silence your phone every morning. Even if you’re not a student but are working instead, you probably also need... Read More , the app will stop adjusting the volume.

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There are a few tweaks with regards to sensitivity of sound and light, so if you find the app is detecting too much noise and deafening you with shrill ringtones you can dial it back a notch. You can also limit or set a minimum volume to be adjusted to, useful if your phone has a very loud speaker on it. Be weary of battery use with this one, as it will be running constantly to perform its main function.


  • Automatically adjust ringer volume based on surroundings.
  • Detects ambient noise and light levels to decide on the volume to set your phone to.
  • Adjust minimum and maximum volume as well as sensitivity.
  • The app adheres to silent or vibrate mode when you set it.

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