InSync: Dropbox-Like Client With Google Docs Integration
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Dropbox is the most popular file-syncing app for the desktop while most remote workers prefer to work with Googe Docs for their online office suite. Up until now, many have been clamoring for the integration of these two services. How nifty is it to be able to edit documents on the desktop and sync them to your Google Docs account?

dropbox-like client

This is the beauty of InSync, an app that lets you sync your Google documents across all your devices. Insync’s desktop client lets you add documents to a shared folder within your documents folder, and have them load to your Google Docs account.

You can also share your files to your coworkers much like Dropbox, which then allows them to edit those shared files via GDocs. Users can also set up file permissions, nested sharing, and individual file sharing. Unlike Dropbox, your Google storage becomes your online file manager for InSync, where you can also add multiple Google accounts.


InSync is a useful tool for anyone who needs the usefulness of Dropbox with the extra convenience of Google Docs.


  • Desktop client that syncs file to Google Docs.
  • Lets you edit files from Google Docs.
  • Allow multiple Google accounts.
  • Individual file sharing available.
  • Uses Google’s Storage Service.
  • Facebook Feed For Files Coming Soon.

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