Insult.Net: Learn To Swear In Different Languages

Israel Nicolas 27-08-2010

They say that when in Rome, do as the Romans do. You can apply this to swearing with’s “how do I swear in different languages,?” section that compiles the most common cuss words of 40 different languages. After all, what’s the point of swearing if you can’t get your point across to the receiver of the message? This fun tool translates the most common cuss words for everyone to understand.


learn to swear in different languages

This website offers a compilation of swear words for popular foreign languages such as Chinese, French, Greek, Italian, Russian, and so on. Visiting a country that is not your typical tourist destination? Then perhaps you may want to learn some swear words in Icelandic, Surinam, Bengali, Yiddish, Tagalog, and other less than common languages. Each language that is being offered in the site lists around 8 or more cuss words so you are sure to learn a decent amount for your repertoire.

So whether you visit the site just to become an effective communicator or perhaps you just want to improve your cultural literacy, you are sure to learn a lot from This is really useful if you want something translated that is not readily available in popular online translators.

learn to curse


  • Learn to curse in over 44 languages.
  • Includes both popular and not so popular foreign languages.
  • Lists around 8 swear words or more per language.
  • Similar Tools: YouSwear, UrbanDictionary, NoSlang.

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