How to Instantly Boost the Accuracy of Search Results on Google and Bing

Saikat Basu 09-08-2017

How do you search Google and Bing? A few simple keywords plus blind hope that the search engines will return the results you wanted? Search engines are powerful, but they can’t read your mind. That’s why the best way to search still requires the use of boolean search operators Become Better At Finding Stuff With Search Engines: Boolean Search Logic Explained It only takes Google's thousands of servers half a second to query approximately 50 billion indexed pages, it takes you significantly longer to scan only the first page of search results. On top of that,... Read More .


But who wants to memorize all the different search operators? It’s a pain, and that’s why most people never actually practice advanced searching.

Fortunately, there’s a solution. Advangle [No Longer Available] is a web form that builds advanced search queries for you. In just a few clicks, you can put together complex search queries and immediately see the results in either Google or Bing.

How to Instantly Boost the Accuracy of Search Results on Google and Bing Advangle

Advangle has three parts:

  1. The main Query Builder.
  2. The Attributes in the left panel, which hold the selective conditions you want for your search.
  3. Two Result buttons for Google and Bing that display the search results pages in new windows.

The Advangle interface makes it easier to string together targeted searches with the right syntax, and in half the time it would take to type it all out by hand. Check these key features:

  • You can string a complex query with multiple parameters from the Attributes panel on the left. In the screen above, we are searching for any news about Game of Thrones on sites like HBO and IMDb, but within the past week only.
  • Disable any condition to exclude it from result query temporarily. This helps you experiment and see which parameter works well.
  • Use the Examples button to load some model search queries and see how they work.
  • Use the Save button to store your query for future use.

You can use both Google and Bing to see how your search results differ. Remember, Bing does not have an advanced search feature though it has a set of syntax which is a backdoor to refine your search.

Try Advangle with your next search. Tell us the advanced search parameter that you would like to see it cover.

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  1. Keith
    August 9, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    I use Google Advanced Search all the time, so this is very useful indeed, thanks!