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How Are You Doing On Instagram? These Websites Will Tell You

Aaron Couch 13-01-2015

Have you ever wondered just how much interaction you get from your followers on Instagram? Or perhaps how many new followers you’re getting on a consistent basis? What about which accounts you really like the most? Within Instagram itself there aren’t any tools to display these statistics, but by connecting your account to these websites, you can get loads of interesting, useful and important information.


Whether you’re new to Instagram New To Instagram? Top Tips For Newbies When you’re getting started on Instagram, there are a few tips and tricks to bear in mind to make sure that you hit the ground running. The popular app is part photo-sharing site and part... Read More or a long-time user, these websites’ wide array of features are sure to help you better understand your Instagram community and let you know how you did this past year What Did You Do In 2013? Let Twitter, Instagram & Facebook Tell You Now that the year has come to an end and we're gearing up for a brand new year, what better way to look back on 2013 than through your social media accounts? Read More .


A Complete Instagram Account Manager.

This certainly isn’t the first time Iconosquare (previously Statigram) has been mentioned on MakeUseOf 9 Beautiful and Useful Instagram Tools to Get More Out of the Service After telling you how you can browse Instagram on the Web and on your desktop, after teaching you how to backup your Instagram photo collection, and being pretty sure you all know how to use... Read More , and that’s because it’s such a solid tool – consistently improving and offering more features. Like all websites here, it has a premium set of tools, but for the average Instagram user, the free features will work just fine.

For brevity, only the “statistics features” will be demonstrated in this article, but Iconosquare’s features make it a great option for interacting through Instagram from your computer 7 Stylish Ways To Bring Instagram To The Web When Mobile Is Not Enough Instagram's popularity calls for a way to use Instagram on the web, but an official way to do this still doesn’t exist. The lack of official solution brought about an abundance of unofficial means to... Read More (Except for posting. For that, check out BlueStacks The Killer Hack To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts On Your Computer Read More ).

1 Iconosquare - Statistics highlighted


From the Statistics tab at the top (second from the left), you will see a list on the left side: Overview, Rolling month analysis, Content, Engagement, Optimization, Community.


2 Iconosquare - Overview

From “Overview” you can see interesting facts such as the number of comments received and the gain/loss of followers over the past seven days.

Rolling Month Analysis

3.1 Iconosquare - Rolling month analysis - engagement


Rolling Month Analysis covers statistics spanning over the course of a month from the current day of viewing. The Engagement section displays the total amount of likes, comments, growth percentages, average like/comment per picture or video, and the most liked and commented media.

3.2 Iconosquare - Rolling month analysis - Followers

Follower stats includes a growth rate graph, gain and loss graph and a list of your 10 most engaged followers.


4.1 Iconosquare - Content


The Content section is an analysis of your own posting habits since creating your account, featuring graphs and charts that measure what months, times and days you have you posted the most in.

4.2 Iconosquare - Content - Density

The next sections are graphs with the percentage of filter and tag usage, and geolocation.

4.3 Iconosquare - Content - Filter and tag usage and Geolocation



5.1 Iconosquare - engagement - likes received

Engagement may be one of the more intriguing tools because you can view direct patterns in likes/comments received over the course of the entire life of your account. You can also see the media that is most liked and commented on. In addition, there’s a pie chart displaying the percentage of likes/comments from and not from followers.

5.2 Iconosquare - Engagement - most commented media


The Optimization page features three sections: best time to post, filter impact and tag impact.

6.1 Iconosquare - Optimization - best time to post

Here you can view the like and comment interaction from your community and compare it to your current posting habits, thus having a better idea of the best times to post.

6.2 Iconosquare - Optimization - Filter Impact

The filter impact bar graph shows what filters result in the most comments/likes.

6.3 Iconosquare - Optimization - Tag Impact

The left side of the Tag Impact section displays the hashtags you have used, and to the right are the popular hashtags A Guide to the Instagram Hashtags No One Understands Are you confused by the hashtags on Instagram? Here's everything you need to know about the meanings of various Instagram hashtags. Read More on Instagram. Among your hashtags, some will be bold, representing those most commonly used by you. The hashtags with a black box are popular Instagram hashtags – if you can, try to incorporate more of those into your images. And as you might guess, the bold, black box tags are popular hashtags, which you also use often.

6.4 Iconosquare - Optimization - Tag Impact - popular used tags

It would be nice if the tags didn’t appear in such a random order, however. Hopefully this will be something Iconosquare improves upon in the future.


7 Iconosquare - community - typology

The Community page displays comparative growth of those your following versus those following you back. There is an overview of new followers, lost followers and new followings. And below that is a “People you enjoy” section, giving you a whole picture on who you really like, as well as some recommendations as to who you might want to follow.

Simply Measured

An easy-to-use social media analytic report generator.

Among Simply Measured’s premium business-focused social media analysis tools, are some freebies, one of which include an Instagram User Analysis to measure your engagement, content and trends.

8.1 SimplyMeasured - Instagram Username

Once you authenticate your Instagram account with SimplyMeasured and follow the sign-up steps, You’ll receive an email with a link to your analytics. Note that you can only request two reports in 24 hours.

8.2 SimplyMeasured - Email

8.3 SimplyMeasured - Report 1

All the analytics are on a single page, broken up into different sections. However, it displays a limited time frame of two months. The first section gives you a basic overview of engagement. This first section displays the data in numbers, while the second section is a bar graph.

8.4 SimplyMeasured - Report 2

Another useful section (the forth one down) shows a chart of top posts in order by date posted. You can view the number of likes and comments per media, as well as how much Twitter and Facebook engagement the post received.

8.5 SimplyMeasured - Report 4

As you continue scrolling, a visual of the keyword/comment ratio is displayed.

8.6 SimplyMeasured - Report 5 - comments

Simply Measured makes it easy to know what the best time is to post based on your community’s engagement. But of course, they don’t only display numbers, but also two kinds of graphs.

8.7 SimplyMeasured - Report 6 day and time engagement

Curious what tags and filters are getting the most likes? Look no further.

8.8 SimplyMeasured - Report 7 engagement by filters and tags

There are a couple other sections in the report too, but they don’t seem to offer as much usefulness (personal opinion).


Social Media analytics for Instagram, Twitter, Facebook, Google+ and more.

SumAll, like Simply Measured, isn’t just for Instagram – when you sign up, there are several various social media platforms you can connect to for analysis. However, for this article, we’ll focus only on the Instagram analytics.

9.1 SumAll - Instagram data

There are three parts: Advocacy Activity, Followers and Images Posted. Advocacy Activity is the number of times your images are liked and commented on.

9.2 SumAll - Instagram data - Advocacy activity expanded

Images Posted displays how many images you posted compared to a previously set time (e.g. last week). It then breaks down the number of pictures posted with various filters.

Time frames can be adjusted to a weekly or monthly view, or a custom date range by clicking the “dates” in the top gray bar.

9.3 SumAll - top bar

To view these metrics in chart-form, click the “right arrow” button on the right side of each section.

9.4 SumAll - Instagram data - chart button

To the left side of the chart, are the three sectional buttons again – clicking them enables/disables the display of that metric.

9.5 SumAll - Instagram data - chart - display metric types

Each metric is represented by a different line on the chart. Throughout the chart, you’ll see various points plotted – hover over them to get the data. You can change the time frame for the chart the same way I explained before.

9.6 SumAll - Instagram data - chart

Collecto [No Longer Available]

A service offering a brief overview of Instagram statistics, in addition to some account management tools.

The free features of Collecto can be of use, but they don’t offer near the detail that some of the others mentioned in this article do. Once signed in, click your username in the top right corner to access the menu. From there, click “Statistics”. Then click the large red “Sync Now” button. This may take a little time to load.

10.1 Collecto - Menu - Statistics

You will have to click this button to refresh any new statistics.

10.2 collecto - statistics - sync now

The stats provide a useful overview of your Instagram account.

10.3 Collecto - Statistics

Below these, are the most popular, liked and commented on media.

10.4 Collecto - Statistics - images

Want to view the information of a specific image? Click your username menu again and then “My Profile”. From here you will see all your Instagram media.

10.5 Collecto - Statistics - image view

Click an image and below it you will see the number of likes, comments, date posted, filter and hashtags used, and a map of the location it was posted from (if a location was attached to the image). You can also view all the comments and reply to them as well.

10.6 Collecto - Statistics - Image view 2

Collecto certainly isn’t the most robust free Instagram analytics website, but its services shouldn’t be dismissed.

What One Should You Use?

For those of you who want in depth analysis, I recommend Iconosquare. From the interface to the wide spectrum of metrics, it covers the most ground and is the quickest to set up.

Collecto is great for a quick overview, if that’s all you need, but it lacks some of the detail which Simply Measured and SumAll provide.

Depending on your needs, you may even want to combine two or three of these websites for a better glance at your Instagram account.

Do you use any of these services? If so, what feedback do you have for your fellow MakeUseOf readers? As always, we’re open to suggestions – is there another website that has been useful to you in terms of Instagram analytics? Let us know in the comments.

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  2. Tarek
    July 28, 2016 at 8:34 am

    Most of tools give us like stats for instance based on the date (day/time) the post was published, not based on when the likes actually came in. Is there a tested tool that can monitor and track that?

  3. The Grand JAM
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    Really good article and will start using these as I move forward. @TheGrandJam if you like cute babies, black and white photography and FREE product giveaways.

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  5. twitaholic
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    thank you for this post

  6. AlphaGraphs
    November 14, 2015 at 5:21 am

    Nice tools but some might be excessive. I have over 15,00 followers. I just “like” and “post” mostly, and every blue moon I’ll tell my clients and friends to follow me. My instagram is @AlphaGraphs

  7. Anonymous
    July 31, 2015 at 3:00 pm

    Few days ago we launch new instagram statistics service -

    May be some interesting to our analyse..

  8. Anonymous
    June 8, 2015 at 1:42 pm

    I've just started using InstaTrack. The design is great, but I've run aground on the fact that the stats provided are only based on the most recent 24 pictures. Can you confirm that Iconosquare will generate statistics from your entire IG history? Thanks!

  9. Kim Kennedy
    June 3, 2015 at 7:09 pm

    Are you aware of an application that will show complete Instagram growth history? Statigram only does the last 30 days. Great write up by the way.

  10. Victoria Carter
    May 5, 2015 at 12:54 pm

    Great list of apps, didn't know about some of them. You might wanna check this one: Its aim is to help you to get rid of unfollowings, up to 5000 unsubscriptions per day, it's the fastest such app i could find. This is good to maintain proper follower/following ratio, or just filter not interested people without efforts. The trial of 1000 is free for every new user, so you can try it anytime.

  11. dean
    April 28, 2015 at 11:45 pm

    With the recent change of Iconosquare going to a paid Instagram stats platform, I found your post very helpful. I'm trying Simply Measured first.


    • Aaron Couch
      May 2, 2015 at 5:33 pm

      Good to hear, Dean!

      Be sure to let me know what you find most useful!

      You should know, however, that as of this morning, Iconosquare reverted back to the "old version" based on user feedback – speaks a lot of the company actually!

      Here's what the email I received said:

      "Dear user,

      We rolled back to the version of Iconosquare you love, the one including the free analytics on-demand and all the features you enjoy.

      Over the last few days you’ve been sharing your feelings and feedback on the new version we rolled out.

      We received thousands of messages explaining how much you love Iconosquare, why analytics are so important to you and how disappointed you are. We haven’t realized earlier the depth of the consideration you have for our platform and how much you value its features.

      We blew things up.

      On the one hand, it has been hard for us to read some of your words, on the other hand we are proud to be supported and challenged by such a loyal committed group of people: YOU. We have heard you and Iconosquare is back to what you liked and want.

      We appreciate how much you liked what we have been offering to you and how much you disliked our recent changes. Our team is already at work to build a better version.

      Please accept our sincere apologies.

      Iconosquare Team"

  12. Alex
    January 23, 2015 at 2:35 pm

    Don't forget to back your account with 4K Stogram

    • Aaron Couch
      January 26, 2015 at 6:40 am

      Great tip! Thanks Alex.

  13. Etescartz
    January 16, 2015 at 7:08 am

    I just use to check on my account

    • Aaron Couch
      January 26, 2015 at 6:42 am

      I did quite a bit of research on various Instagram tools, but never discovered that one. Is it only for viewing your Instagram, or can you read and track analytics with it too?

    • Etescartz
      January 26, 2015 at 7:49 am

      It's just for viewing. It's similar to Tweetdeck as you can add separate columns with feeds for just one account that you're following or a certain # that you're interested in.

    • Aaron Couch
      January 31, 2015 at 4:33 am

      Good to know about! Thanks for sharing that!