Instagram Music: What’s It All About?

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You might have heard that Instagram recently launched a dedicated music account. But what does this actually mean for you, other than a new account to follow?

According to Instagram’s founder and CEO Kevin Systrom, the account is going to feature music from around the world, both showcasing the talent they find and the community around the act.

“Each week, we’ll take a look at the musical experience on Instagram. That means showing you a different side of artists you know and love, like Questlove (@questlove), and introducing you to up-and-coming talents from around the world, like Tricot (@ikkyu193). It means highlighting music photographers, album illustrators, instrument makers and, of course, fans. In the Instagram tradition, we will also welcome community participation with a new, music-themed monthly hashtag project.” — Kevin Systrom


Follow @Music

For starters, you’ll want to start following the Instagram @Music account. That no-brainer will mean you’re always in the loop. The account plans to post almost every day each week, showcasing content from a variety of bands, the visual artists who make the album art, and posts by audience members at events, or even creating fan art Create Easy Photo Collages for Instagram With Layout Create Easy Photo Collages for Instagram With Layout While there are plenty of ways to create collages without Photoshop, Layout's focus is on simplicity and the ability to share the images quickly with Instagram and Facebook. Read More . You can stay up-to-date via your mobile device or by using one of the many Instagram web viewers Find The Best Instagram Web Viewer: Your Options Compared Find The Best Instagram Web Viewer: Your Options Compared Read More .

Get Introductions to New Artists & Festivals

You’ll see straight away that they’re posting content from the accounts of musicians and fans, so you’ll get to see acts from the audience perspective as well as the hand-picked photos from bands. This means you’re not just getting introduced to new bands, but to the festivals and venues they’re performing in around the world.

Listen to New Tunes & Follow New Hashtags

There are also video posts on Instagram 8 Ways to Create Unforgettable Instagram Videos 8 Ways to Create Unforgettable Instagram Videos Creating an Instagram video is easy. Making it unforgettable, however, is a lot tougher. Fortunately there are various tips and tricks that you can use to help you create a video to make an impression. Read More , so you get things like bands trying to write 15-second songs especially for Instagram, tagging with tags like #JustSongsForInstagram. The @Music account has picked up on this and brought both the tag and the artists that use it into the spotlight. Now we’ll see a lot more action on that hashtag too!

Instagram plan to feature a new music hashtag every week, so it will in effect be helping to build community around those hashtags long after the feature post has been and gone. It’s thoughts like this that will inspire even more bands and music lovers to join Instagram and make it even better.

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Monthly Hashtag Project: #MHPlive The goal this month is to make creative images of a live musical performance. This week, guest curator Sacha Lecca (@sachalecca) of “Rolling Stone” picked one of his favorite photos from your submissions: a crowd-surfing picture by Toni Francois (@tonifrancois), a music photographer based in Mexico City. “[The crowd surfer] is bathed in an ethereal light. The contrast to the dark room full of a sea of dark-haired youth with black leather jackets makes the effect more striking,” says Sacha of Toni’s image. “Keep in mind that regardless of where you are situated, there are strong images to make. It needn’t always be the act on stage.” As for Toni, she likes shooting punk and metal shows where she can create images that capture the energy of the scene. “I’ve always liked how even in the most chaotic mosh pit you can forget everything and everyone around you and have a great time. This guy and his friends seem to be having lots of fun, and for me it’s a cathartic moment.” PROJECT RULES: Please add the #MHPlive hashtag only to photos and videos taken this month and only submit your own. If you include music in your video submissions, please only use music to which you own the rights. Any tagged image or video taken this month is eligible to be featured. Finally, please respect an artist’s wishes if they ask not to be photographed or recorded. For more inspiration, check out Photo by @tonifrancois

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Get Connected to All the Most Active Music Fans

If you’re a really keen music fan, or if you’re a band on Instagram yourself, you’ll notice there’s another perk to reading these @Music posts carefully. Just looking through the comments briefly I found several more really interesting music-dedicated Instagram accounts to follow. This could be a great way to find like-minded users to follow.

Why Does @Music on Instagram Work?

In the end, the music scene on Instagram is so much more than big names and fancy filters How To Make Custom Filters For Instagram On iPhone Or Android How To Make Custom Filters For Instagram On iPhone Or Android Instagram only has a certain set of filters, but what if you could make your own custom filters? Here's how. Read More . It’s not just that so many of the top Instagram accounts are musicians like Beyoncé. It’s that millions of indie bands have found Instagram is the perfect way to connect with fans, sharing pictures and video on a daily basis. (Even if they are juggling multiple Instagram accounts The Killer Hack To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts On Your Computer The Killer Hack To Manage Multiple Instagram Accounts On Your Computer Read More in order to do so).

There is so much music out there to be discovered, and if you discover it on Instagram you can instantly connect with the artists and become a true fan for life. This is great for all music lovers and for the creators of that music especially. Imagine getting your big break by getting noticed on Instagram!

Another thought is that maybe Instagram could do a similar project for all of the travel accounts Not Just For Selfies: 6 Ways Outdoorsy Travelers Can Use Instagram Not Just For Selfies: 6 Ways Outdoorsy Travelers Can Use Instagram Instagram can be a time-wasting and ego-boosting outlet, but it's all in how each of us use it. If you are the outdoorsy type, let the community of adventurous Instagrammers help you out. Read More and interesting photographers 8 Amazing Indian Photographers on Instagram 8 Amazing Indian Photographers on Instagram Instagram is not just for selfie lovers. It welcomes all kinds of photo enthusiasts into its fold. Today we bring you a selection of eight amazing Indian Instagrammers. Read More out there. I know that would make many creative types very happy!

What do you think of the music scene on Instagram? Is the @Music account helping you to explore it further? What else would you like to see?

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