Instagrab: Transfer All Your Instagram Photos To a Private Google+ Album

moin 08-05-2013

Instagrab is a web service that will greatly help all Instagram users. It is known that a very large portion of all iOS device owners use their devices to take pictures and share them with friends. One of the most commonly used ways to share these pictures with friends that iOS device owners use, is through the highly popular photo sharing service Instagram.


A person who regularly shares their images through Instagram on a daily basis will have many images on their Instagram account. But for any online service you have uploaded your images on, you must have a backup. If you have already created a backup while uploading your images, then great! But most people do not do so. For them, Instagrab offers an excellent way: through Google+

transfer instagram photos to google+

Instagrab is an online photo backup utility that is free to use. The function of this highly useful application is to let its users create a backup of all of their Instagram images to a private album in their Google+ account. Your first step is, of course, to connect your accounts from the Instagram and Google+ web services.

When these steps have been completed, all you have to do is provide your email address and then click on the blue button labeled “Queue it up!”


Instagrab: Transfer All Your Instagram Photos To a Private Google+ Album Instagrab2

This action will queue up your task of image export and create a backup of your Instagram images on Google+.


Check out Instagrab @ [No Longer Available]

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