Doctor Finder: Finds medical specialists along with patient reviews

MOin 09-05-2010

Our health is one aspect of our life which should see no compromise. When we get ill, we should know who the right doctor for our illness is and where his/her practice is.


The internet can be easily used to find the doctors in our city, however the existing ways to do so provide no insight about the doctor’s personality. Insider Pages Doctor Finder plans changes that.

Doctor Finder is a free to use website that lets anyone search and find medical specialists partnered with patient reviews. Users can use different parameters to filter our search. These parameters include the doctor’s specialty, type of insurance coverage, and distance from entered location. Further filtration options include gender, language, certification, and a clean record.

find medical specialists

Our results are then shown on a map with the doctors’ positions clearly marked. Each doctor’s listing is accompanied by working hour details, qualifications, and even patient reviews which immensely help us in deciding the doctor most suited to us.

find medical specialists



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  1. Anders Cohen, brooklyn, NY
    June 22, 2010 at 3:30 am

    Its a great tool because not all of us are familiar of who's the specialist in our area.