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Twitter Privacy Settings You Need to Change Right Now

Dan Price 27-02-2018

By its nature, Twitter isn’t a very private arena. The entire site is specifically designed to be open. It’s a place where you can offer your thoughts on everything from Trump to the Super Bowl with the entire world. Or at least with the 330 million other users.


But just because Twitter is a highly public platform, it doesn’t mean you should take risks “behind the scenes.”

The service has a lot of privacy settings that you should tweak Twitter's New Privacy Policy Means You Need to Change Your Settings Twitter recently introduced an updated privacy policy. What does the update mean and what should you do about it? Here's what you need to know. Read More . They can make your account more secure, lock down your personal data, and restrict who can contact you. Here are three Twitter privacy settings you need to change right now.

1. Stop Twitter Tracking Your Browsing Activity

Twitter’s ability to build an advertising profile Social Media Done Right: Advertising You'll Actually Want to See Every company has its own social media presence, but some brands are way more successful than others. These nine companies have taken risks when it comes to social media, and their approaches have paid of Read More about you solely based on what you look at on the network is creepy enough. But using your entire browsing history? No thanks.

Go to Privacy and Safety > Personalization and Data > Edit > Track Where You See Twitter Content Across the Web and unmark the appropriate checkbox.

2. Opt Out of Interest-Based Advertising

Twitter Privacy Settings You Need to Change Right Now twitter personal ads


Twitter will automatically add you to “audiences” from advertisers. Sadly, it’s impossible to opt out of the audiences. But it is possible to stop them from showing you content.

Navigate to Privacy and Safety > Personalization and Data > Edit > Personalize ads and unmark the checkbox.

3. Delete All Twitter Location Information

Some people attach their location to their tweets. It’s a silly practice—you’re giving a would-be criminal live updates on your whereabouts.

If you’ve seen the light and disable the feature, you can return to glorious anonymity by removing the location from all your past tweets.

Go to Privacy and Safety > Tweet location > Delete location information. The process could take 30 minutes.

With these insecure settings rectified, you should be measurably safer when using Twitter.

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  1. Gazoo
    February 27, 2018 at 10:12 am

    I'm not a twitter user but I once used a cookie manager to block any cookies from twitter. The site went bonkers when I tried to access it! Most other sites will load fine or will give you partial service but twitter just keep refreshing a blank page continously.

    What we need are cookie editors. Instead of deleting cookies, have an extension that modifies cookies with junk as part of the war against invasive surveillance and data-hording.

    • Bat21
      February 27, 2018 at 10:36 pm

      You could do this within Firefox browser up until the latest version. Now it is delete all or delete none. There are a number of extensions/add-ons that do the job but they are fiddly.