Insane but True Facts About The World of Mobile Apps

ROFL 11-02-2015

Seemingly overnight, the world of mobile app development Designing A Breakthrough App? 7 Mobile Development Blogs You Should Read The mobile space is so new that trends are constantly shifting and new insights are made every day. If you plan to develop mobile apps, how can you keep up without going mad? Read More  has exploded. People who never thought they’d be making apps for phones are now focusing all of their development power on Windows Phone Are Blackberry and Windows Phone Users Discriminated Against? (No.) Blackberry CEO John Chen says "providers must be prohibited from discriminating based on the customer’s mobile operating system." That's nonsense. Read More , Android Piracy On Android: How Bad Is It Really? Android is notorious for its rampant piracy, so we investigate exactly how bad it is. Read More , and iOS Get Tech Skills You Need At These Top 7 Online Course Sites It's not only about learning programming languages, but also the little unnoticed tech skills that could take you further in your career. Iterate to the next version of you. Class is in session. Read More .

For users, much of our Internet time is spent on our mobile devices Building the Perfect Smartphone Smartphones are improving all the time. However, the perfect smartphone doesn't yet exist. Which is a problem we're seeking to remedy. Read More , be it a phone or a tablet. In fact, it’s quite possible that you are reading this post from a mobile device right now!

With all of that said, let’s take a look at some crazy facts about just how popular the world of mobile apps is, and some predictions for where we’re heading in the future. The information just might blow you away!

Want more? Check out this other infographic from SkilledUp about the life of a mobile developer [Broken URL Removed]!

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