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The Ins & Outs of Doing an Effective Facebook Picture Search

Steve Campbell 16-03-2010

Facebook picture searchFacebook has more than 3 billion photos uploaded to their site each month. That’s a lot. And with more and more people using Facebook in more and more ways (i.e. mobile devices), these numbers are guaranteed to go up.


When there is that much content being uploaded it can be pretty difficult to keep track of it all. Users are constantly putting pictures of themselves online and they are using Facebook to share them. By organizing their photos into albums and tagging them, they are making their pictures easily accessible to their friends. Do you know how to conduct an effective picture search?

Finding the pictures you’re looking for can be pretty difficult sometimes, especially if you have a lot of active friends. In this article, I am going to walk you through some effective Facebook picture search tips so you can locate the goods.

Facebook Picture Search – The Photos Tab

Facebook picture search

The easiest way to find the photos your friends have uploaded is by going to the “˜Photos‘ tab in the left-hand navigation part of the screen. You can view the pictures a few different ways:

Individual Photos – Just by clicking on the “˜Photos‘ tab you can view all of the recently uploaded photos individually. Below them you can see the name of the album they’re in, as well as the name of the person who uploaded them. You can click on the tag to go to that person’s profile.


Recent Albums – If you click on “˜Recent Albums‘, you can see all of the freshly uploaded albums that your friends have posted.

Mobile Uploads – Clicking on the “˜Mobile Uploads‘ tab shows you only those pictures that were uploaded from your friends’ mobile phones or devices.

I realize that this isn’t really a “search” function, but if you are completely new to the whole Facebook photo experience this should be of use to you. If you’re ready to become a search expert, please continue.

Facebook Picture Search – Applications

Photo Finder

Facebook picture search


Photo Finder is a 3rd party application designed to help you search your/your friends’ Facebook photos. Now we’re talking search! Just click “˜Go to Application’ to install.

tag facebook pictures

The application itself is pretty straight forward and very easy to use. All you do is type in the names of your friends and click “˜Find Photos!‘ and it will return with all of the pictures that the person (or people) are tagged in.

tag facebook pictures


Photo Finder has a feature entitled “˜Favorite Friends‘ that allows you to enter the names of those who you would like to keep track of in the app. Any photos uploaded by those users you list as your favorite friends will be able to be seen together on one page.

Note: Near the search box there is a little box that says “Notify these users“. If you do not want people to know you are searching for them I suggest you uncheck this box.

Facebook Picture Search – Worth A Mention

tag facebook pictures is probably the coolest way to tag and search for pictures on Facebook. Their PhotoTagger app uses facial recognition to tag your photos for you.


You heard right, facial recognition software. We covered Photo Tagger briefly in a directory entry. It’s pretty accurate as far as I can tell. All you have to do is type in a name (e.g. Steve Campbell) and watch as it brings up all of that person’s photo albums.

facebook picture

When you click on the album you want to tag, it analyzes all of the faces in the photos and takes you to a page for review. If everything is correct you can tag your photos.

facebook picture also has a Photo Finder application that is for finding lost Facebook photos that you may have never seen because you were never tagged in them. This program is in alpha at the moment, meaning you can sign up for an invite but you are bound to experience some bugs/errors.

Photo Tag Search

facebook picture

Facebook Photo Tag Search is a prototype built by a Facebook engineer. It is an experimental feature that allows you to search for photos based on who is tagged in them.

Just click on “˜Activate Prototype‘ and head over to Facebook Photos to try it out.

Note: Since Facebook’s recent layout update, Photo Tag Search has stopped working. They have not announced whether or not they will update the app to work with the new layout or if they are pulling the plug. It’s worth keeping an eye on because it worked really well and has a lot of support from fans.


As time passes I’m sure we will see some interesting apps for picture searching on Facebook. After searching for the photos you’re looking for, why don’t you try downloading them How To Download All Facebook Photos With Your Tag Read More ? If you have any comments, ideas, thoughts, etc. please leave them below in the comment section. Did I forget to mention your favorite app?

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