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MOin 17-04-2010

Have you ever come across names you did not know how to pronounce? Take “Winningham” for instance; should you pronounce the “ham” separately or join it with the “g” and have “winnin-ghum”? Having a name spelled like that confuses a lot of people. Similarly there are many English names with confusing spellings that do not reveal their correct pronunciation. For all such names, Inogolo helps us out.


correct name pronunciation

Inogolo is a free website that takes any English word (names of people and places) and shows us what their correct pronunciation is. After we search for a name, a breakdown of its syllables is presented to us; this clarifies the pronunciation.

Inogolo’s library contains an impressive number of names; but if your searched name is not included, the name is added in the list of words to be added to the library.

correct name pronunciation

This tool can be helpful particularly for people whose first language is something other than English. But as I indicated earlier, native English speakers will benefit from Inogolo as well.


correct name pronunciation

Main features:

  • Reveals pronunciation of names of people and places (in English).
  • Presents the pronunciation breakdown as mini-words instead of phonetic symbols which makes them easier to recognize and pronounce.
  • Similar tools: TheNameEngine, HowToSayThatName and PronounceNames.

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    November 28, 2016 at 10:44 pm

    Need to good pronounciation the english people name