Looking Up Your Internet Date Online [INFOGRAPHIC]

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Looking Up Your Internet Date Online [INFOGRAPHIC] catchmeifyoucanIn the past PG (Pre-Google), people on dates could get away with outrageous fibs (“Yes, I really am a medical professor who will shortly be announcing a cure for cancer. Oh and did I tell you that I have four degrees, am a former US Navy pilot, I drive a Mercedes Benz and I have adopted 5 kids?”).  But these days, with everyone’s lives online on social networks, finding out if you really are the former President of the United States, as you claim you to be, is just a few clicks away from being either verified or exposed as a huge lie.

Our infographic today is on the subject of doing a background check on your Internet date-to-be.  It runs down the most common lies that people say when you first communicate with them online. It also explains some of the possible reasons why people lie, such as a desire to sound better than they actually are.

The infographic also provides you with some helpful hints on how to spot a liar, and some online sources to find out more information on someone. Even using something as simple as using Facebook and Google will throw up stuff like personal websites, political opinions, religious beliefs, and blog/forum comments. Other websites can even show you if they are a wanted fugitive or a sex offender.

In this day and age, anyone can be a private investigator! (cue Magnum P.I. music).

Doing a background check on a date may take some of the romance out of things. But if you have only “met” the person online up to this point, then you really do need to take some precautions. The person you are dating could be a serial killer, a child sex offender or a scam artist.

Do you do background checks on your dates? If so, what interesting information have you managed to dig up on someone? Any dirty little secrets? Give us all the gossip in the comments below.

Infographic Source: www.backgroundcheck.org

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