Indie Royale’s Difficult 2nd Bundle Offers Unique Gaming Deal [News]

Matt Smith 10-11-2011

Indie Royale’s Difficult 2nd Bundle Offers Unique Gaming Deal [News] indiebundlethumbIndie titles are a good choice for gamers who want maximum game for minimum buck. First there was the Humble Bundle The Humble Indie Games Bundle: Pay What You Want! Read More , which lets you decide how much you want to pay. Now there’s the Indie Royale Difficult 2nd Bundle, which does require that you pay something – but not much.


The system used to determine the price of the bundle is a bit odd. The bundle has a minimum price which goes up with demand, but if you beat the minimum price by paying more, the price for everyone else goes down. As such, the price fluctuates up and down over time, adding a bit of a game to the normally dull act of purchasing stuff. To add extra encouragement for those who don’t mind paying extra, the top contributors are given credit on the site and can be identified by their Twitter accounts Twitter Clients - Web Apps or Desktops Apps? Which is Better? Read More , if they choose.

Indie Royale’s Difficult 2nd Bundle Offers Unique Gaming Deal [News] indieroyalebundle

Whatever the price, you’ll be getting a good deal. The current bundle includes Night Sky, Fate of the World, Scoregasm, Ben There, Dan That! and Time Gentlemen, Please! Individually, buying all of these games would set you back $35, so even if you paid the highest minimum price yet recorded (just over $5) the bundle is a steal.

Like the Humble Bundle, each Indie Royale bundle is available for only a limited time, but additional bundles will be available in the future. And speaking of the Humble Bundle, they are offering yet another name-your-own price deal, as well.

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