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Imzy Plots to Kill Internet Trolls With Kindness

Dave Parrack 28-10-2016

A new social network has just become available to everyone. Its name is Imzy, and it bills itself as a “friendlier” alternative to Reddit. Trolls are not welcome, but if they do arrive, they’ll be killed with nothing but kindness. Or at least that’s the hope.


Parts of the internet have become something akin to a Western saloon. People huddle in corners, fights break out at regular intervals, and everyone expresses their opinions at the top of their lungs.

While lots of people enjoy this Wild West-style atmosphere, many don’t, so they’re chased off Reddit, Twitter, and other places where toxicity runs rampant. Imzy aims to be a home for those who no longer want to deal with that crap Why You Will Want to Join Imzy -- and How to Get an Invite Now! Imzy is the latest big social network to hit the scene -- and it's set to dominate. Here's everything you need to know about why Imzy will be huge. Read More , offering a warm, fuzzy, soft, and gentle place for like-minded individuals to hang out.

After a successful six-month stint in private beta, Imzy is now available to everybody. Aided by an $8 million round of funding led by Index Ventures. Imzy was founded by former employees of Reddit and Twitter, meaning those in charge know how difficult it is to keep online discourse civil.

Build Your Own Community of Like-Minded Individuals

That is, however, Imzy’s raison d’être. Imzy houses thousands of different communities based around specific interests. Communities related to sexuality, relationships, politics, video games, and books have already been established.

If your favorite subject matter isn’t catered to, you’re invited to start the community dedicated to it. However, edgy content such as pornography and gore are banned, as is harassment of any kind Online Harassment Is Your Fault; Here's How To Fix It What happens to harassment victims who aren't good at interacting with the press, or do or say unpopular things? Read More .


To keep harassment to a minimum, you need to join a community before you can post a message to it. Individual communities also set their own rules, so some insist on real names, while others allow pseudonyms. Finally, you can tip other members or moderators with real money, rewarding those who play nicely.

Imzy currently boasts 50,000 members and 6,000 communities. However, now that it’s out of beta, those numbers are likely to soar. It’s how the site copes with the demands of these incomers, and the potential for trouble they bring, that will determine its fate.

Did you take part in the Imzy beta? Are you likely to sign up to try Imzy now? Do you think the site will be successful in fostering a kindler, gentler internet? What do you think about internet trolls in general? Please let us know in the comments below!

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