Imzy, the Friendlier Reddit, Is Shutting Down
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Imzy, the self-styled friendlier alternative to Reddit, is shutting down. Imzy’s raison d’être was to offer a nicer, safer environment for people to communicate. So, given its demise, it appears people are perfectly happy with the slightly more rambunctious nature of other social media sites.

Reddit has to be one of the foundations of the internet. It’s sometimes loud, often crude, and occasionally cruel, but it’s always entertaining. However, things have occasionally turned sour on Reddit, which directly led to the launching of Imzy as a friendlier alternative.

A Zero Tolerance Towards Harassment

Imzy launched in the summer of 2016, with Dan McComas at the helm. McComas was the product chief at Reddit before leaving the company due to disagreements about how the site should be run. McComas then founded Imzy, along with several other ex-employees of Reddit and Twitter.

After spending six months in beta, and adding 50,000 members and 6,000 communities, Imzy opened its doors to the general public. The differentiator between Imzy and Reddit being a zero tolerance policy towards harassment, and a distinct lack of edgy content such as pornography.

Unfortunately for Imzy, that approach doesn’t seem to have helped it grow beyond the embryonic stage. So, users have until June 16th to request their data, at which point the site will enter into read-only mode. And on June 23rd, Imzy will go dark, with the company ceasing operations.

In the blog post announcing Imzy is shutting down, company co-founder Dan McComas said, “We’ve loved getting to know all of you and seeing you build communities and make new friends. Unfortunately, we were not able to find our place in the market. We still feel that the internet deserves better and hope that we see more teams take on this challenge in the future.”

The Final Nail in Imzy’s Coffin

This must mean people don’t want a kinder, gentler online community. Instead, they’re happy with Reddit the way it is. But then Reddit has cleaned up its act over the past year, so the most poisonous communities are no more. And that may have hammered the final nail in Imzy’s coffin.

Did you ever join Imzy? If so, did you make friends on the site? How do you feel about Imzy shutting down? Which online community will you join now? If not, have you even ever heard of Imzy? Why do you think Imzy failed? Please let us know in the comments below!

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  1. likefunbutnot
    May 25, 2017 at 11:29 am

    I've heard of Izmy but I've never seen the point of Reddit in the first place. Most of Reddit's content is posted and shared through other services like Imgur, which already has a supportive, interesting and well-moderated community of its own.