Improve YouTube Now With a Few More Keyboard Shortcuts
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YouTube’s speed-up feature is a great way to save time when watching videos, and YouTube’s built-in keyboard shortcuts are great as well. Power users of YouTube, however, might want more powerful ways to be in control of their videos.

Well, that’s possible with the Video Speed Controller extension for Chrome. The extension works on all sites offering HTML 5 video (which should be a majority of sites by now), so that’s a bonus if you often watch videos outside of YouTube, too.

By default, VSC allows you to press the S key to decrease the speed of video playback, D to increase it, R to reset the speed to normal, Z to rewind the video by ten seconds, and X to jump ahead ten seconds.

These controls are completely customizable, however. In the options, you can assign these shortcuts to different keys, have the extension remember your last-used speed next time you watch a video, or change how much time is skipped by the fast forward and rewind keys.

Video Speed Controller is a must-have companion for those who watch videos frequently online, as it makes YouTube’s speed controls more accessible while also allowing you to fine-tune them. Give it a shot and you won’t have to waste time waiting on videos where the instructor speaks slowly!

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Do you find these shortcut keys useful or do you think YouTube’s built-in controls are enough? Share your thoughts below!

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