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Improve Your Skyrim Experience With Dragon Shout

Dave LeClair 31-12-2011

Skyrim is, without question, one of the best video games ever released 3 Reasons All Gamers Need To Play The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim One of the most anticipated games of this holiday season was The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Call of Duty and Battlefield are terrific games, but it’s delightful to see something a little different become a... Read More . I just finished the main story a few days ago, and I am around seventy hours in. There is so much to do. Between the main quest, all the guild stuff, and the hundreds of side quests, it is easy to lose a large portion of your life playing Skyrim. The bottom line is this; if you call yourself a gamer, you need to play Skyrim. If you want a game that has a ton of content, pick your platform, and get the game.


As you begin to play Skyrim, you might come to realize that the volume of content is hard to manage. It can be hard to remember where you had that epic dragon fight, or where you found that amazing new armor you are wearing with pride. This is where Dragon Shout comes in. It is your Skyrim travel companion, and it is available right on your iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad. Dragon Shout will help you keep track of all your memories in the world of Skyrim.

Set up

The obvious first step is to head to the iTunes App Store and download the free application. You can do this by clicking here, or searching for Dragon Shout in the app store.

dragon shout for skyrim

Next, you will need to make a free account. This takes just a few seconds, and only requires you to choose a user name, password and provide an email address. Creating an account allows the application to synchronize your markers so you can access them anytime from any device.


The main feature of Dragon Shout is the ability to place markers on the map for all kinds of occurrences in Skyrim. You can set markers for pretty much anything great that happens while you are playing, so you can find it again later. Maybe you want to remember which town has two blacksmiths so you can create some more dragon armor. Perhaps there is an area you need for a quest. All of these things and more can be logged on the map.


dragon shout iphone

To log something on the map, simply tap the location one time, and the new journal screen will pop up. You can type in notes about the marker, and choose what kind of marker it is. You can also choose whether to share the marker publicly. The public sharing feature will be available with the next update. For now, you can select the option for the future.

dragon shout iphone

Once you have created a marker it will appear on the map, and you can click it at any time to see what information it contains. The icon on the map is different depending on what type of journal entry you choose. If you choose a quest marker, it will appear as a dotted line with an “X,” if you choose a battle, it will show the hilt of a sword, and so on. This way, you will be able to tell what kind of entry it is quickly and easily.


dragon shout for skyrim

The application has two types of maps. They can be accessed via the settings button on the top right of the screen (it looks like two gears). The first map is emptier, and allows you to put more emphasis on your markers. The second map is pre-populated with much more of the icons from the actual in game map. This way, you can see all the locations at a glance.

Future Updates

The developer actually issued an update that added chat and sharing of markers with friends, but there was an error, so at this point you can only use the app solo. The update will add an in-application purchase that allows you to view other users icons. This will help if you need some tips from the Skyrim community. The application is great, but with this update, it will be spectacular.


This is an incredibly useful application for someone who wants to make the most of their Skyrim experience without resorting to the use of guides and FAQs. You would not go on a real life adventure without a compass and a map, and Dragon Shout is like that, but for the game. It is a free application that is certainly worth checking out.


Have you tried this app? Did it help you make the most of Skyrim? Let us know in the comments.

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