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One Way to Improve Google Form Response Rates

Saikat Basu 01-08-2017

Forms are usually boring, and nobody really looks forward to filling out a Google Forms  survey. But what if you could boost your form responses by making them more interactive and less of a nuisance?


You can, with the help of a free chatbot called

Chatbots Are Little Programs With Big Brains

Webopedia says that a chatbot is a computer program that mimics human conversation with the help of artificial intelligence. Cleverly designed chatbots could put pesky customer support guys out of a job very soon.

But not yet. For now, chatbots are only replacing apps Is a Chatbot About to Replace Your Favorite Smartphone App? Chatbots have been powering conversations on social media for years. Lately, more and more have been appearing. As chatbots become more advanced, is there a chance they'll replace your favorite apps? Read More . Look at the popular Duolingo app and its chatbot, which helps you learn a new language. Fun, isn’t it? is a chatbot that injects your Google Forms with artificial intelligence, completely changing the way responders react and fill out your surveys.

Turn Any Google Form Into a Fun Chatbot

There are just three steps involved:

  1. Create your Google Form.
  2. Paste the Google Form link in
  3. Click on Create bot and it’s ready!

One Way to Improve Google Form Response Rates Fobi

You can use the chatbot as a front-end for a Google Form in any situation where answers are required (e.g. surveys, contact forms, class tests). also gives you a few more benefits, like adding bot dialogs to make it more conversational.

For instance, a correct answer and the bot can exclaim “Correct Answer!”

One Way to Improve Google Form Response Rates Fobi

A no-sign-up service you can use in five seconds. It doesn’t ask you for your personal data — just an email where you receive a link that you can use to edit the bot in the future. The Google Form itself is protected with SSL, and it’s never stored by

As a final step, you can share your bot instead of the Google Form. Preview it first to see if all the questions and answers are in the right place. If you’re happy, just share the link.

Try and tell us if it’s interesting enough for you. What other features would you like to see it use?

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  1. Gary Miller
    April 24, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    This doesn't work for me. I paste in the url of the form, but nothing happens apart from a time-filler animation.