Impress Your Friends and Shame Your Enemies With 6 Stunning Android Themes

Kannon Yamada 08-08-2013

Custom themes can turn your phone from boring to awesome in minutes, it just takes a few configuration tweaks and apps. Recently, I raided the Reddit subreddit, /r/androidthemes, for some of its latest and best work. After spending hours pouring through page, after page of material, I discovered several themes with astounding beauty.


Here’s my list of the top six custom themes:

Custom Theme #1: Day and Night

day and night

Designed by Redditor johnwcwho, the Day and Night theme changes the homescreen’s coloration to match the time of day; during the lighter hours of the day, the screen uses lighter colors. During the evening, the screen darkens to avoid disturbing your circadian rhythms. It also throws in some awesome and minimal clock and weather widgets. Let me say that this is easily one of the best themes I’ve ever seen.

Johnwcwho wrote a tutorial for setting up this theme, which is available on his personal blog, themeyourdroid.



You can find the discussion thread over at Reddit.

Custom Theme #2: Revised Clean Space (NOT available)

revised clean space

Created by Redditor sheeshSGL, the “Revised Clean Space” theme gives a nod to the Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, using a colorful clock-date widget combined with a gorgeous wallpaper of the Milky Way.


  • Nova Launcher: Nova Launcher doesn’t really do anything in this theme other than remove the dock. In Nova’s settings just go to “Dock” and then uncheck “Enable Dock”.
  • UCCW: The custom data-clock widget, unfortunately, isn’t available for download at this time, but you can check the original thread to see if the custom widget gets uploaded. It also uses the “Battlelines” font.
  • Flatro: The Flatro icon pack remains one of the best choices for the money, at $1.49. Icons that do not have a custom design look just as good as those with a custom design. It also uses a subtle texture to give its icons an understated feel.
  • Galaxy wallpaper: This is one of my favorite all-time wallpapers. Plus, it has a Hitchhiker-y feel to it.

You can find the original discussion thread, here.

Custom Theme #3: Klok

custom theme klok

Created by Redditor mrfunkyland, the Klok theme centers itself around a giant clock, which is a UCCW skinned widget that can be purchased from the Play Store.


  • Nova Launcher: Nova Launcher in the Klok doesn’t do anything other than allow the user to remove the dock. In Nova’s settings just go to “Dock” and then uncheck “Enable Dock”.
  • UCCW: You need to install this app first, before you can use the Klok widget.
  • Klok [No Longer Available]: Klok is a paid, $1.20 UCCW skin, meaning it’s a specially made custom clock widget that’s compatible specifically with the UCCW app.
  • Mint Beta Icons Pack [No Longer Available]: This is a paid icon pack – for $1.59, it’s quite good, although Flatro provides better overall compatibility with apps that don’t have custom icons. Almost all icons look pretty good with the Flatro custom icon pack.

You can read the original discussion here, on Reddit.

Custom Theme #4: Strawberry Fields

strawberry fields

Created by Redditor dataMinery, Strawberry Fields blends a soft pink, red and white color motif with an elegantly designed custom weather-date widget. It’s among the most visually stimulating themes in this list.



You can read the original discussion here, on Reddit.

Custom Theme #5: Tucked Away

tucked away

Redditor johnmcwho created yet another brilliantly colored custom theme combining several apps. It’s designed for those who consume media – Tucked Away comes with a music player and RSS feed reader, accessible directly from the homescreen. Here’s a setup tutorial.


  • Nova Launcher
  • Multipicture Live Wallpaper: Lets you switch between wallpapers according to any variety of context sensitive options, such as time of day.
  • UCCW: Tucked away uses custom widgets. You can download the skin, here.
  • Clear Widget Ubermusic Skin [No Longer Available]: Ubermusic Skin allows you to operate your music player directly from the homescreen.
  • Simple RSS Widget: Simple RSS allows the display of RSS information on your homescreen.
  • Tubular Icons [No Longer Available]: Tubular icons, at $0.99, comes in at the cheaper end of the spectrum. The icons themselves offer a slightly rounded, boxy shape paired with an elegant, minimal design.

You can read the original discussion here, on Reddit.

Custom Theme #6: Something Clean for a Change

clean for a change

Redditor ExpectTheUnexpected designed a beautifully minimal homescreen. It’s centered around a photograph-wallpaper and a custom lockscreen widget. You can find the configuration directions, here.


You can read the original discussion here, on Reddit.


It’s easy as pie getting your Android homescreen looking amazing. For the most part, it’s also inexpensive (and in some cases, free). In my case, I started off with a solid black wallpaper and, using “Something Clean” ended up with a verdant display in minutes, costing about a $1.49.

Got any custom homescreens that you want to share? Let us know in the comments!

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  1. Veronica
    September 9, 2013 at 2:51 am

    Thank you, Kannon! It was very nice of you to explain themes for me. Keep up the awesome work here! ~Veronica

  2. V.
    September 4, 2013 at 10:50 am

    I'm a noob, so bear with me please...these "themes" for Android devices--are they basically a list of the apps you use to get the features in the theme, and set of instructions on how to go about that? The themes are not one app that you download, right? I iz a newbie-plz help?

    • Kannon Y
      September 8, 2013 at 10:10 pm

      Hello! Yes, a theme is basically just a collection of apps, icon packs, widgets and wallpapers. The themes are all compatible with launchers like Nova and ADW launcher.

      The way you apply them is pretty simple, don't worry about it.

      You just download the launcher and the theme/icon pack. Then you open the launcher app (or sometimes, the theme pack has an app) and apply the icons to it through the launcher's settings option.

      If the widget requires theming via a custom widget design app, like UCCW, you will need to open the template file from within UCCW.

      The whole process is really easy once you get a custom theme, including the instructions.