How To Tweak Important Privacy Settings For Limited-Access Facebook Pages

Ryan Dube 08-12-2011

facebook privacyIf you have a website, a blog or any kind of company that you want to promote through social media, Facebook Pages are a sure fire way to kick start that promotional effort. Here at MUO, we’ve covered lots of ways to make use of your Facebook Page. Ann covered three ways to schedule updates to the page, and Nancy offered a review of Pagemodo Design Your Facebook Fan Page With Pagemodo's WYSIWYG Editor Read More for creating fan pages with a WYSIWYG editor.


No matter how you’ve created your fan or community page, there are different choices you have to make when it comes to how your users can respond and who will have permissions to make updates to your page. The following are some of the Facebook privacy concerns and settings that you need to consider when you set up your community page.

Facebook Page Privacy Settings

It’s surprising all of the hidden ways that you have available on a community Facebook page to limit the reach of your posts as well as who is allowed to post on the wall.

There are times when you may want to just open up the wall to all fans to post whatever they like. If you have a forum or a blog, sometimes this is a great way to get fans posting.  However, if you have a company and need to carefully protect your reputation, you’ll need to more carefully control who posts on your wall and what they post.

facebook privacy

You can also carefully target the audience for each of your wall updates by clicking on the “Public” dropdown button and selecting the “Location/Language” under “Target by:


A pop-up window will let you select what country, state or province and even a specific city that you want to target.

facebook privacy settings

Once you set this up, only people that have that geographic location listed in their Facebook profile will be able to see your public post. This is a very cool way to focus your culturally specific updates related to politics, customs or holidays.

To get to the Facebook privacy permissions for your community page, you’ll need to click on “Edit Info” just under your page title.


facebook privacy settings

Click on “Manage Permissions” from the left navigation menu, and this is the page where you can set up most of the permissions. The top section of the page is where you can set up how you post to the wall. If you have the box selected, any time you post to the Community wall, you’ll be posting as your Company and won’t be able to post as yourself.

How To Tweak Important Privacy Settings For Limited-Access Facebook Pages fbpage4

If you want to be able to post to the wall as yourself, deselect that first checkbox. If you still want to post under the company name, you can click on “Use Facebook as xxx” on the right side of the community page.


The area that is focused primarily on your reader posting permissions is further down the permissions page. You can make all page updates visible to people in only certain countries or certain ages (or you can hide page updates from people in certain countries).

facebook privacy settings

Further down in this section is where you can select whether users can post their own comments on your wall, or whether they can post multimedia. If you tend to have issues with people spamming your wall, you may need to cut back these permissions.

facebook privacy fan pages


You can also control content on your wall by blocking certain terms, or enabling the Facebook profanity filter (you can choose from strong, medium or none). The Blocklist terms let you fine tune the filter by blocking words or phrases that you specifically don’t want people to mention.

facebook privacy fan pages

Additional Community Page Facebook Privacy Settings

You can also focus the activity and public awareness of who the administrators are for your Facebook page. One way of publicizing those admins is by clicking on “Featured” in the left navigation menu, and then adding the Facebook page profile name of your Administrators to the “Page Owners” section.

facebook privacy fan pages

This will list those profiles on the public community page wall, along the left navigation area.

How To Tweak Important Privacy Settings For Limited-Access Facebook Pages fbpage10

This is a fantastic way to make your community page much more personal.  People like to know who they’re dealing with. Just keep in mind that this also makes some of the “info” on your profile available to your fans, so edit that information accordingly.

If you want to add administrators to your Community wall and open up permissions for those people to make posts under the Corporate/Company name, you can add them on the “Manage Admins” page.

facebook privacy

Obviously, this profiles the ultimate access – full access to every aspect of the page – so use this only sparingly for the people that you want to manage and promote your Facebook page.

As you can see, there are a number of ways to limit not only access to posts on your Community page, but there are also some pretty neat ways to carefully target who can see some of the specific updates that you make to your wall.

Do you run a Facebook Community page? Did you find any of these tips useful, or do you have any of your own? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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