I’m OK: Quick Emergency Notifier

Umar 26-06-2011

In times of an emergency, it is best to let all your close contacts know of your situation quickly. Here to help you do this in a speedy way is a service called “I’m OK”.


emergency notifier

I’m OK is a service that lets you notify your contacts if you are alright or if you are in an emergency and need help. The service works by first asking you to register your phone number and reply with a confirmation text message. Next you add your emergency contacts to the service. The service gives you a phone number on which to text in order to send the text to all your emergency contacts instantly.

You can include anything in the message but the supported hashtags certainly save your time. Among the supported hashtags are #imok to indicate you are alright, #needhelp to ask for help, and #loc to include your location’s latitude and longitude in the message.


  • A useful emergency service.
  • Lets you text many people using only one text message.
  • Helps notify contacts if you are alright or in an emergency.
  • Lets you quickly include your geographical position in the text message.

Check out “I’m OK” @ [No Longer Available]


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