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Imgur’s New Snacks Let You Waste Time With GIFs

Dave Parrack 13-12-2017

Imgur has quietly added two new features, one of which, called Snacks, is designed to help you waste your day looking at GIFs GIFs, The Language Of The Web: Their History, Culture, and Future Everything you ever wanted to know about the history of GIFs, how they've evolved, and their cultural impact and significance. Read More . The other introduces a feed full of posts from the people and tags you follow. And lastly, Imgur is rolling out a new homepage design for visitors to the website.


GIFs are everywhere you look. Alongside emojis, GIFs have changed the way we express ourselves online, especially when reacting to something. Imgur may have started life as a simple way of sharing images on Reddit, but it’s now so much more. Hence the need for some new features.

Snacking on an Endless Diet of GIFs

The first new feature from Imgur is called Snacks, and, as the headline suggests, it provides an easy way for us all to waste time looking at GIFs. Lots and lots of GIFs. Some have compared it to Snapchat’s Stories feature, but it’s actually more reminiscent of the now defunct Vine (RIP) 25 of the Best Vine Videos of All Time Vine is dead. So, before all those awesome videos go the same way as VHS and MiniDisc, let's take the opportunity to look back at 25 of the best Vine videos of all time. Read More .

Snacks offers a rolling selection of GIFs based around a particular theme. Snacks is available as a full-screen experience, and once one GIF finishes another will start playing in its place. The idea is to make it easy for anyone to find content on Imgur without having to search for it.

Imgur is also introducing a feed for the first time. This sits at the top of the app next to the Most Viral grid, and it comprises of the latest posts from the people and tags you follow. The more people and tags you follow the more populated your feed will become, encouraging engagement.


Last but not least, Imgur is giving its homepage a fresh lick of paint. The current homepage offers nothing but a flat and uninspiring grid of images. However, the new homepage, which you can see at, offers a visually pleasing blend of viral images, tags, and more.

Imgur Is Evolving Into Something New

It’s clear Imgur wants to become more than just a place for storing and sharing images, and these new features should help the site on its way. The homepage looks better, the feed adds stronger social networking elements 6 Positive Effects Social Media Sites Have on Society There are good things about social networking. Here's our exploration of the positive effects of social media and why it's good. Read More , and the new Snacks feature offers a welcome chance to waste time.

Do you use Imgur? Do you have the app installed on your phone? Or do you just have the website bookmarked in order to find the right GIF? What do you think of the new Snacks feature? Or the new feed? Do you like the new homepage? Please let us know in the comments below!

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    December 13, 2017 at 8:02 pm

    Yes, i use imgur and love it. Thanks