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15 Must-Have iMessage Sticker Packs for Fun Conversations

Khamosh Pathak 20-08-2018

Stickers are downright fun, and way better than using plain old emoji. With the iMessage App Store, Apple has elevated the art of stickers. Now you can send animated stickers, and even place stickers on top of a message like you’d do in real life.


The App Store has a staggering collection of sticker packs. You’ll find everything from cartoons to memes, and of course, cats. Here are 15 packs you should definitely download. Check our guide to installing stickers if you’re new to them.

1. Made With Love

Made with Love iMessage Sticker Pack

Made With Love is a huge collaboration project between artists, designers, and illustrators. You’ll find more than 50 stickers, all about love, from one artist each. On the surface, it looks like 50 different versions of the heart. But as you look closely, you’ll discover subtle details that convey emotions you perhaps can’t find the right words for.

Download: Made With Love (Free)

2. Cookie Monster Stickers

Cookie Monster iMessage Sticker Pack


Who doesn’t like the Cookie Monster? He’s adorable and loves cookies just like most of us. You can easily place Cookie’s googly eyes on anything in your conversation. Peel that cookie-loving goofball and place him on photos, inside bubbles, or even over other stickers. This free pack gives you 20+ stickers, with more (including 15 animated stickers) available from an in-app purchase.

Download: Cookie Monster Stickers (Free, premium version available)

3. Kleptocats

Kleptocats iMessage Sticker Packs

This free sticker pack is a-meow-zing. You’ll find no shortage of cat stickers on offer, but this particular one has the snuggles, naps, hunger, and other feline cuteness combined in various colors and expressions. Let your inner cat person out with these adorable stickers.


Download: Kleptocats (Free)

4. Moonpig

Moonpig iMessage Sticker Pack

Messaging gets interesting with this sticker pack, as it allows you to personalize the stickers using the company’s own characters. It has an amazing make-it-yourself feature with goofy handwritten fonts along with funny one-liners.

Download: Moonpig (Free)


5. Toca Life Paper Bag Cat

Toca Cat Sticker Pack

If you’re tired of being a diva, the Paper Bag Cat is your spirit animal. It’s the perfect combination of expressing your grumpiness while you fly around on a slice of pizza. The cat has an interesting story as well, making it easy to relate to these fun stickers.

Download: Toca Life Paper Bag Cat (Free)

6. Powerpuff Girls

Powerpuff Girls iMessage Sticker Pack


Place Blossom, Buttercup, and Bubbles on your bubbles with this pack. Fight the Mojo Jojos in your life by sending them these stickers. It’s easy get the power of nostalgia as well as the Powerpuff Girls to fight the crime of boring messages. Make your conversations, cool, cute, and more importantly—sassy!

Download: Powerpuff Girls (Free)

7. TMNT Stickers

TMNT iMessage Sticker Pack

Here’s another one for the cartoon lovers The 7 Best Anime Movies You Can Watch on Netflix Netflix offers a number of feature-length anime movies for streaming, and some of them are rather good. Here are the most compelling ones you can watch right now... Read More . Your messages are about to get sliced and diced with Leonardo, Raphael, Donatello, and Michelangelo.

The official Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles are here to rescue your conversations with their ninja skills. Go ahead, defend yourself with these four heroes against the harsh words of your friends. Cowabunga!

Download: TMNT Stickers (Free)

8. Solid Solids

Solid Solids iMessage Sticker Packs

These adorable solids are perfect for geeks. The sticker pack takes solid shapes and adds a whole lot of personality them. Its shapes are animated, with cute colors.

Some of them are just downright eatable, while the angry cone is intimidating. Get sweet and geeky with these beautiful stickers.

Download: Solid Solids ($1) [No Longer Available]

9. Buzz Bees

Buzz Bees iMessage Sticker Pack

These wonderfully simplistic stickers are an overload of adorable. The app comes with a huge catalog of stickers showing the bees with every expression you can imagine. Noticing the cute tiny details on the stickers will instantly make your day (and the person you’re sending them to).

Download: Buzz Bees (Free)

10. Memes—Rage Comic Stickers

Meme Faces iMessage Sticker Pack

Reacting in memes is the mark of a true friendship. But saving and collecting your own memes for every possible reply is a lot of work. With more than 100 popular memes and faces to choose from, this iMessage app helps you level up your meme game in no time.

Download: Memes—Rage Comic Stickers ($1)

11. Truly Furry [No Longer Available]

Truly Furry iMessage Sticker Pack

Got a friend who’s both adorable and furry? Your iMessage thread is about to get a lot more vibrant. Truly Furry gives you adorable and colorful fuzzy monsters to brighten up your messages.

They are funny faces with goofy reactions to help your inner furry-self communicate. The sticker pack is beautifully designed and comes with an array of vibrant pop colors.

12. Rejoinders

Rejoinders iMessage Sticker Pack

These stickers are filled with sarcasm, from gaping maws to menacing smirks. Rejoinders is an Old Masters pack featuring several centuries’ worth of art history. It includes around 50 faces to express your mood swings and emotions over messages. Send them to your friends and enemies alike.

Download: Rejoinders ($1)

13. WWF Origami

WWF Origami iMessage Stickers Pack

Share the love for animals and origami through these neatly designed stickers by the World Wildlife Fund. This pack is inspired by the WWF Together app and has many animals showcased in origami structures.

Download: WWF Origami (Free)

14. Asthetixx

Aesthetixx iMessage Sticker Pack

This pack adds a range of beards, caps, and other funky elements to flair up the photos you send to your friends. They are useful to mask the identities of certain people, especially since you can put pink mustaches on pictures.

Download: Asthetixx (Free) [No Longer Available]

15. Yippies! [No Longer Available]

Yippies iMessage Sticker pack

Spread the happiness in everything you discuss with these stickers. If you find texting too basic, use the cute language of Yipee and attain inner happiness. You’ll be one step closer to inner peace.

iMessage Apps Are Versatile

Granted, iMessage stickers are amazing. But did you know that iMessage apps can do a lot more? You can use third-party iMessage apps to share music, translate text, and even share files from cloud storage services like Dropbox.

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