ImageSplitter: Split Big Images Into Rows & Columns

Umar 02-03-2011

Using a regular printer, if you want to print out large images in poster-sizes, you would normally have to split the image into parts that are printable on regular pages. While there are a number of tools that let you perform this image-splitting feature, the best option is perhaps Jimpl Image Splitter.


split big images

Jimpl Image Splitter is a free to use online web service that splits any image you give it. You can use JPG, PNG, BMP, GIF, and ICO images as input; these are also the formats you can select as the output. Splitting does not involve any complicated size settings: you only have to specify the number of rows and columns. The split images are provided in a ZIP archive, with each image labeled so its position is evident.

split large images

Another feature offered by Jimpl Image Splitter is resizing images. You can resize images to custom dimensions while locking the aspect ratio. Supported input and output image formats remain the same.

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