Image Print Wizard: Spread & Print Posters on Multiple Pages

Umar 16-11-2010

Thanks to the Internet you can now get numerous poster images on various websites. However because of a poster’s large size you cannot appropriately print it out from a regular printer. This problem is effectively solved by Image Print Wizard.


print poster multiple pages

Image Print Wizard is a freeware program compatible with Windows operating systems. Its function is to take an image as an input, get some parameters, and then spread the image’s print over numerous pages.

You get started by downloading the setup-containing ZIP archive sized at 360KB. Once you have the setup file extracted and installed you will be able to load up any image from your computer and scale it according to the poster you want.

poster printing multiple pages

Finally you get a preview of the individual pages. You can zoom out the view to get an overall view of the pages.


spread poster

These pages can be sent to your printer and then attached together to create the desired poster.


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