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Simon Slangen 18-12-2008

online multiplayer gaming site “Why hang out with your friends in person when you can do it on the internet? No need to wear clothes that way. Seriously, this is bigger than Jesus and wrestling put together.”


The above is the slogan for an online multiplayer gaming site “i’m in like with you”, and I think this pretty much nails it.

This social gaming site aims to connect people with each other through simple and entertaining multiplayer games. It’s a great site to meet new people, make new friends – a possible alternative for Facebook (I’ll probably get flamed in the comment section), but also if you just want to play one of the many multiplayer games.

i’m in like with you does not oblige you to sign up, although you might want to. Signing up allows you to collect points while playing (and thus lets you climb the community ladder), connect to people and stand out more.

The site is completely made in Flash. I recall a discussion a while back about the impracticability of Flash websites, but I must admit this one is done wonderfully.

Online Multiplayer Games

There are several games available (seven at the moment), all of which are played in an online multiplayer environment, with or against other players.


There are two ways to get started, through Quick Play or by entering one of the available matches. The ‘available matches’ also have invitation links which you can send to your friends. Each room is provided with a chatbox and one or several playmates (not the Hugh Hefner kind, sorry).


A game that is as fun as it is simple. Collaborate with the other players to complete a jigsaw puzzle as quickly as possible. You are rated on the number of pieces you’ve fit together and the time it took to complete the puzzle.

Don’t fight over the pieces. Work together, like you wouldn’t with your brother or sister when you were young.

play jigsaw puzzles online



A multiplayer tetris game, fight your opponents with your stunning speed!

Break two or more lines to give extra lines to your adversary. Collect special items which you can use to your advantage or your opponent’s disadvantage.

multiplayer tetris game


This game shows some similarities to the famous Bomberman series.


The goal of this game is to color the maze in your color. Watch out for the bombs and the monsters, and paint as much as possible. When the time runs out, the best painter will be awarded!

Just like with Blockles, this game also features various special items to enhance your fun. These will, among other things, make you invisible or flip your screen.

tracism-online multiplayer game

Draw my Thing

Similar to Pictionary. Either try to draw an object yourself, or try to guess one in progress. Drawing something recognizable will earn you one point, guessing someone else’s will earn you two points.


This is the most popular, and (in my experience) also the most social game on “i’m in like with you”.

draw my thing game


It’s like the ‘Bubbles’ game, only with multiple players! Try to pop the bubbles by matching three or more of the colorful ‘dingles’. Popping them sends them over to your opponent’s screen. Don’t let the dingles reach the bottom of the screen, or you’ll lose.

Special items are also available. You can use these to help yourself or to irritate your opponent.

dinglepop iminlikewithyou

Hamster Battle

An online multiplayer action game. Try to make as many love-kills as possible, using one of several weapons. When time runs out, the player with the highest number of kills wins.

hamster battle iminlikewithyou


Try to remove them from your screen by searching for color combinations of more than three gems. Breaking the gems will move them to your opponent’s screen.  You’ll lose if the gems reach the screen border.

online multiplayer games flash

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