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The iKuddle Smart Litter Box Neatly Packs Your Cat’s Waste

Emma Roth 10-01-2020

No one likes cleaning out a litter box. If you have a cat, you’d probably say that cleaning the litter box is the most annoying part about caring for your feline friend. iKuddle strives to eliminate the cleaning process altogether—its smart litter box does all the work for you!


iKuddle Litterbox CES 2020 Outside

After your cat does its business inside the box, the iKuddle will wait three to ten minutes after your cat leaves. This way, it doesn’t start cleaning while your cat is still in the box. You also have the option of manually starting the cleaning process by pressing a button on the iKuddle itself, or by activating it through the box’s companion app.

iKuddle Litterbox CES 2020 Inside

The iKuddle uses a sifter that skims through the litter, dragging any clumps along the way. It then dumps all the clumps into the back portion of the box. When you’re ready to empty the box, simply hit the auto-packing button from the app or on the box.

What makes the iKuddle stand out from its competitors, is that it actually packs and seals the waste in a bag for you. With a press of the button, you can open the hatch on the back of the litterbox, remove, and throw out the pre-packed bag.


iKuddle Litterbox CES 2020 Bags

But what about odor? The iKuddle has that covered as well. Instead of dealing with an awful scent, the iKuddle uses a fan and carbon filter that eliminates any odors. It activates just five minutes following your cat’s visit. Just remember to replace the filter once every two months to keep your home smelling fresh.

Like I mentioned earlier, iKuddle also has an app to go along with it. This app actually uses data that it collects from the litter box. All of this comes together to form a profile of your cat’s health, and shows you how often it has been using the litter box.

This discreet and handy litterbox is a must-buy if you own a cat. However, it’s suggested to have one iKuddle for every two cats that you have. The iKuddle doesn’t come out for another two months, and it’s expected to have a price tag of $469.

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  1. Cassandra Vivian Reese
    January 11, 2020 at 12:36 am

    Too bad this company has ruined its reputation with its Kickstarter fiasco