How These IFTTT Tricks Can Help You Shop for Anything Online

Sandy Writtenhouse 30-10-2017

Do you enjoy the handiness of automation plus the convenience of online shopping? If so, then it’s time to put IFTTT to work How to Automate Microsoft Office Tasks with IFTTT Recipes IFTTT, the automation service that will complete an action once another condition is met, now has 50 task recipes for Microsoft Office. We show you how it works and offer a selection of recipes. Read More as your shopping assistant. This awesome application, available online and on mobile devices, can do multiple things to help you shop.


You can get hot deals IFTTT Recipes That Help You Save Money IFTTT can be used to do nearly anything, and saving money is no exception. Here are some of the best recipes to help you live more frugally. Read More for your favorite online stores sent right to you, manage your shopping lists, and find out when new products are available. If you are ready to set it, forget it, and then let IFTTT do the rest, here are tools to get you started.

Amazon Alexa

Are you an Amazon Alexa user? If so, then you can take advantage of your shopping list maintenance with an IFTTT and Alexa combination. Don’t bother picking up the pen and paper for managing your list anymore, check out these IFTTT Applets instead.

  • Tell Alexa to email you your shopping list or send it to your phone.
  • Receive an email of your Alexa shopping list when a new item is added.
  • Back up your shopping list or add Alexa list items to Evernote.
  • Add new Alexa list items to OneNote.
  • Add your new shopping list items to Todoist or to Wunderlist.
  • Print your Alexa shopping list on your HP wireless printer.
  • Keep Amazon and Trello shopping lists synced.

ifttt tricks online deals amazon alexa

If you want to set up your own Applet, you can use triggers to ask Alexa what’s on your shopping list. You can also add, edit, or delete products and then mark items completed.

ifttt tricks online deals amazon alexa



If auctions are your favorite way to shop, then hook up IFTTT with Sotheby’s. With a number of different triggers, you will never miss out on starting bids for new lots available or auctions in the location you choose. Here are some of those helpful Applets. And, remember that you can adjust them to suit your particular need.

  • Receive an email or a text message when a particular item is coming up for sale.
  • Alert a channel on Slack when an auction sells above a designated price.
  • Track auction sales in a Google spreadsheet.
  • Add new auction locations to your Google Calendar.

ifttt tricks online deals amazon alexa

Again, if you want to create your own Applet, you can use triggers for lot sales and new listings, each with a variety of available fields.

ifttt tricks online deals amazon alexa



Whether you buy, sell, or a do little of both on eBay, IFTTT is a handy companion. For sellers, the application can help you share your listings. But for buyers, it can notify you of new listings that match items you want. With a few simple Applets, you can set up actions for products you want and even at specific prices.

  • Search for a certain product under a maximum price.
  • Receive a notification when an item you want goes on sale.
  • Get an alert, an email, or a digital weekly digest of your eBay search matches.

ifttt tricks online deals ebay

The available eBay triggers include search terms and maximum prices, so setting up your own custom Applet is simple.

ifttt tricks online deals ebay


Best Buy

For electronics, Best Buy is one of the most popular retailers. Whether it’s computers, televisions, game consoles, or phones, the store has it all. And, because electronics can be quite expensive, using IFTTT to notify you of deals is the way to go. Here are Applets that can help you shop smarter at Best Buy.

  • Receive a notification or an email when a product’s price changes.
  • Get a notification when a certain item becomes available.
  • Receive emails for new home automation and control products.

And, for additional home automation IFTTT tips, take a look at our roundup of automation IFTTT recipes.

ifttt tricks online deals best buy

If a user adds an item to their wish list, a new product is available in a certain category, item availability changes, or prices change are all triggers that you can use in your own Best Buy Applet creation.


ifttt tricks online deals best buy

Tesco Groceries

If you live in the UK and are a Tesco Groceries shopper, you will love how IFTTT can help you save money. From household items to pet supplies to health and beauty products, why spend more than you have to? Enable these convenient Applets to start saving at Tesco.

  • Automatically add an item to your shopping cart when the price drops.
  • Receive an email if an item’s price changes.
  • Track the price of a certain product.

ifttt tricks online deals desco

For some awesome Applets that help you manage your Tesco shopping list, check out these options.

  • If it will be warm out tomorrow, add burgers to your shopping cart.
  • If it will be cold out, buy soup.
  • If you exercise, buy a treat.
  • Automatically add milk to your shopping cart every Thursday.

ifttt tricks online deals tesco

Tesco also offers customizable triggers and actions for price changes, price drops, adding products to your shopping cart, and product searches.

ifttt tricks online deals tesco

Create Your Own Applet

We mentioned that each of the services above provides triggers you can use to create your own Applet. If you have never done this but want to, here are the steps to follow.

IFTTT on the Web

  1. Visit the IFTTT website and log in.
  2. Click My Applets and select New Applet.
  3. Click the word This and choose a service or pop its name into the search box.
  4. Pick a trigger.
  5. Click the word That and choose a service.
  6. Pick an action and configure as needed.
  7. Optionally enable notifications when the Applet runs.
  8. Click Finish.

ifttt tricks online deals create recipe

IFTTT on Your Mobile Device

  1. Open the IFTTT app and log in if necessary.
  2. Tap My Applets and tap the Plus.
  3. Tap the word This and choose a service or pop its name into the search box.
  4. Pick a trigger.
  5. Tap the word That and choose a service.
  6. Pick an action and configure as needed.
  7. Optionally enable notifications when the Applet runs.
  8. Tap Finish.

Download: IFTTT for Android | iOS (Free)

ifttt tricks online deals mobile create recipe

Keep in mind that depending on the service you choose for the trigger, you may be asked to connect to it. The same goes for the action: you will need to sign into an account. For instance, if you pick a trigger for Amazon Alexa and an action for Facebook Funny Ways to Automate Facebook Posts With IFTTT We’ve gathered some of best IFTTT recipes that post to your Facebook account automatically. All of these are practical. Some can even become hysterical Read More , you will need to connect Alexa and then sign into Facebook. While the steps above are for overall Applets, they may change according to the options you select.

Do You Use IFTTT?

Maybe you have already discovered the convenience of IFTTT for your shopping needs, lists, and holiday gifts 7 Awesome Christmas Presents for IFTTT Geeks With Christmas just around the corner, let's look at seven of the best IFTTT-enabled devices you can buy for your loved ones. Read More . Or perhaps you use the application for other purposes but are now ready to pull it into your shopping experiences with these Applets.

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